Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Reasons to Read Power Play

by Emily Cale

1. It features TWO super hot hockey players. You know, the big alpha males with the broad shoulders? That's right. Two of them.

2. It also features a strong heroine who is woman enough to take on both of them.

3. Unless you get one of those channels that replays old hockey games during the off season, you've gone the last couple months without your hockey fix. This will help tide you over.

4. Want to know a secret? Well, my characters might have a few. You'll have to ask them though because I'm sworn to secrecy.

5. You read book 1 in the Hat Trick Trilogy, GOALIE INTERFERENCE, and you need to read the sequel to find out what happens to the characters. You haven't read the first book? It's still on sale at Smashwords through September 3rd using the code KN34U.

Need more convincing? I'll give one commenter an ebook copy of Goalie Interference to help them catch up on the series. Just tell me something you love about hockey, sports in general, or winter. If you can't think of anything (shame on you), then just say hi. I won't hold it against you.

Power Play by Emily Cale

 Natalie Fritz didn't need a night of sexual adventure as payment for setting her friend up, but she wouldn't turn it down either. Determined to make sure she gets exactly what she wants, she makes a call to Madame Eve and requests not one, but two dates for the evening. What she doesn't expect is for those men to be players on her friend's hockey team.

Ian and Todd find that sharing women provides all parties with more pleasure. Finding someone who buys into their theory is a little harder. So they turn to Madame Eve's 1 Night Stand service to find them a partner. When they meet Natalie, they discover a gorgeous woman who turns them on physically and intellectually.

Everyone knows that relationships are meant to be between two people, but what happens when it takes three to make the night worthwhile? Can they take a leap of faith or will their time be limited to one night?

About the Author

 Emily Cale spent the majority of her childhood as a visitor to the worlds of her favorite authors. With encouragement from her English teachers, she put pen to paper and began imagining her own stories. Preferring the fascinating lives of her characters, she majored in creative writing. When not lost in a manuscript or a good book, she enjoys crocheting, rock climbing, and playing board games. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband and a very spoiled cat.

Feel free to stalk her on her website, Twitter, or Facebook.


  1. I hardly dare admit I don't watch hockey BUT it's not a major sport in the UK and rarely on TV. So fast too - I can barely see that puck. But winter - oh yes, I love winter, I love the snow - but darn it, it doesn't snow that much here either. Crisp, cold days with bright blue skies and a smattering of white on the hills - fantastic. Er- viewed from inside though by a nice warm fire.

    1. I didn't watch hockey until I moved to city with a big team that everyone supports. Neither place I lived before had a team, so no one really cared. Now I love.

      Now winter, I would trade that in a minute for a nice temperate climate with lots of sunshine.

  2. I love cheering for my favorite hockey team, the Ottawa Senators, because the rest of my family cheers for other hockey teams. Well, and some of the players are darn sexy. LOL

    All the best with your new release! Oh, and I already have Goalie Interference, so no need to enter me. :)

    1. Thanks, Jess. Players are very sexy. Once in a while I catch a glimpse of one around town shopping. Though I am usually too niave to figure it out while they are standing there.

  3. Honestly, you really didn't need 5 reasons to convince me to read this. I was firing up my Kindle after only #1! LOL

    I have to admit I didn't start watching hockey until Kings fever hit Los Angeles earlier this year. Although my husband is a die-hard fan, I always found something else to do when he turned the games on. But then the Stanley Cup craziness hit and I couldn't help but start watching. Suddenly I found myself cheering as loud as him!

    Now I'm looking forward to the start of the new season :-)

    Congrats on your release!

    1. It was Stanley Cup fever a few years ago when the Penguins won that got me into it.

      And yes, that first reason is very convincing.

  4. This sounds great!! Id love to read it! I have to admit, i hate sports. I dont watch them. But in books, there so yummy and appealing! :D I love them in books! The players are hot and so much fun to read about! Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!

  5. I love hockey but it is a sport that you have to be at the game to truly enjoy it. it looses a lot on TV. It's fast pased. There are very cute guys but you will have to ask them if they gave all their own teeth. lol.
    The book sounds great and I would love to win the 1st book in the series.