Friday, May 6, 2011

Fairy Casanova released today!

How did I come up with Fairy Casanova? The story behind the story is kind of boring actually. Fairy Casanova was one of those stories that wrote itself, the perfect story for us writers.

I was between books when the call for the 1NightStand stories came from Decadent. My muse—named DM—was antsy, wanting to write, but not eager to start the next book in the Road to Hell series until we knew changes made to Pandora’s Box were approved. If you read any of my Facebook wall posts, then you know DM is an evil genius I have a love/hate relationship with. He is definitely the devil on my shoulder and he was driving me nuts with inactivity. And there’s nothing worse than a writer with nothing to write!

Then the 1NightStand story call came from Decadent. I’d never written anything so short and nothing based totally on sex, but I loved the guidelines. Simple, yet fun, pure genius from the crafters! I didn’t know if I could write such a short story, but I looked at it as a challenge. Something fun to attempt and an easy way to flex my writing skills. It also gave DM some constructive focus, a plus when you have a fidgety muse on your hands. I figured if my 1NS story took on a life of its own and outgrew the 12k word limit, then I’d nix the 1NS parameters and submit it to DP as a stand-alone story. Committed to the project, my next step was deciding on the storyline.

The names of the characters popped into my head right away…Sadie and Jace. It’s fantastic when characters name themselves! I was contemplating a fairy tattoo at the time, so I knew immediately Jace needed to be a fairy and I’d never written about fairies either, so it was another fun challenge thrown into the mix. Sadie was my only glitch. DM insisted she needed to be running from something and desperate for a night of escapism. But what? I decided to throw in something I knew a little bit about, the legal world. I’m a paralegal and I know how attorneys throw their heart and soul into a case. It was easy imagining Sadie betting her career and reputation on one big case, and then needing to escape her real-world trials when she’d lost everything.

And there you have it…Fairy Casanova was born.

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Sadie has hit rock bottom. A high-powered attorney on the fast-track to creating a name, she bet everything on one case and lost big. Bankrupt, with her professional reputation ruined, and her fiancé yachting about Aruba with a hot babe, she's desperate for a break from reality. She arranges a one-nighter with a complete stranger through Madame Evangeline's high-end dating service, 1NightStand. A fairy isn't what she expected to hook-up with, but how can she be disappointed when royalty turns into the only king of sex she'll ever want?

In less than a week, Jace is about to become king of the fairies, but he's enamored with humans. Before his coronation, he wants to fulfill his sexual fantasies in the human realm. With a limited timeline, he schedules a liaison with a stranger through Sadie intrigues him with her competing reserved and salacious vibes. After a night of stellar sex, Jace offers Sadie a permanent place in his life as his queen. Will she forfeit her life in the human realm to accept his offer?

“The dress is perfect. You are perfect.” He kissed her without fanfare, and she melted against him. Any thought of resisting his aggressive embrace fled as he parted her lips with his and plunged his tongue inside. The wet glide of his osculation affected her as much as a shot of hard liquor, a sizzling burn spreading from the pit of her belly and settling lower. Sadie groaned when he playfully nipped her bottom lip. “I’m going to peel your garment from your body, slowly”—she groaned again at the vivid imagery—”and taste every inch of your human flesh.”


Human flesh?

She froze against his body. What a strange thing to say.

Sadie leaned back to stare at him. “You don’t think you’re…human?” She hesitated uttering the word human for fear of his answer.

“I’m not human.”

The response she’d feared receiving.

“Madame Evangeline didn’t impart I’m a fairy?”

She blinked, tried to process the information, and failed. “Mmhmm…a fairy?” Her stomach pitched to the floor. “Really? Wow.” Finally, she understood how her request had come into play. She’d checked off otherworldly, not expecting much more than someone who believed in aliens or something equally eccentric. But a sexy fairy, ready to be her one-night stand…He didn’t really expect her to believe that, did he? She lived and breathed balderdash in the courtroom, and she could sniff out lies better than a hound dog could sniff out quarry. “You’re a fairy? Give me a break.”

“It’s true.”

Sadie glared at him, any amusement she might have felt shifting straight into irritation. “How fantastic for you.” And horrifying for me!


  1. I'm visualizing one hell of a prenup here... ;-) Congrats on the release, Gracen!

  2. Ooh, what an interesting story idea! Love it!


  3. The wings...I had no idea wings could be so....tactile? Limber? Useful?

  4. Fatastic! I absolutely love the cover of this. Congratulations!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    LOL @ Maureen's prenup. I have a nasty feeling she'd be able to enforce that prenup in the human world. lol

    Kate, I figured if he was going to have wings, they might as well be useful as well as pretty. ;-)