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Carnivore club

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This is how to “Romance the Capital”…

By Kayleigh Malcolm

What happens when you put a huge group of introverted authors, who are pretending to be extroverted, into a hotel for 48 hours?   Pure Magic
Armed with a car load of swag, books, and knitting, my husband and I headed up to Ottawa last Thursday. What happened over the next two days was the best conference I’ve ever been to.

Very few times in my life have I been somewhere that vibrated as acutely with positive energy. Everyone was smiling and laughing. It doesn’t matter if you’re an author or a reader, everyone has their favourite authors and the opportunity to “fangirl” all over them is overwhelming.
I was able to meet so many people that I’ve traded messages and emails with and this was our first chance to talk face to face. I’ve known Deb Cooke online for years but never had a chance to meet her. And when I did she gave me and Anne Lange a tiara to wear! LOL I was helping her with her event. Bouncing around in a tiara handing out truffles is the best way to start a Saturday J

I spoke on my very first conference panel with Elizabeth Lister and Nathan Burgoine about LGBT romances.  That was fun for us all, and I think I giggled my way through most of it. We kept it casual and more like an intimate chat amongst friends. The questions never stopped and all three of us had similar points of view but we all come at this genre from different perspectives. It inspired me to push my writing boundaries as well and I really hope we can do it again next year.

And then came Saturday afternoon, which started with “Speed Date an Author”.  Ever want to meet and learn about 25 authors in 50 minutes? This is how you do it. It was loud and crazy but so much fun! After a short break where my best friends shoved hummus and pitas into me, we headed into the Book Signing.  I wish I could remember everyone I spoke to but honestly at this point it all becomes a blur in my memory. 

My one regret is I didn’t get a picture with Kate Richards and Valerie Mann. I was really bummed about that. But, there is always next year right?!
My kitting wasn’t touched and my laptop stayed closed.  Although, my phone was glued to my hand so I could tweet and Instagram all weekend. We spent the 5 hour drive home talking about plans for next year and the possibility of going to the Philly Author Fest in November J RTC 2016 is already looking like it’s going to be bigger and better than this year and I can’t wait!
Today I’m back to normal. Stretchy pants and a sweater with my lap top. My inspiration well is filled to overflowing and I keep bouncing between manuscripts! Thanks to my wonderful husband I have tons of pictures from the weekend. If you check out my facebook page I have almost all of them up now. For now I have to get to work and start putting the voices down on page before they get any louder and decide to start waking me up in the night. LOL 
If you didn’t know already, Decadent came out with a sub-series in their 1 Night Stand imprint, called Romancing the Capital. My contribution is Claiming His Cub and all the stories are set during last weekend!!

Kayleigh Malcom is a firm believer that all love is beautiful and everyone deserves a Happily Ever After....well except for those involved with cancelling Firefly. She's still holding a grudge over that one. 
Sticking with one genre is a talent she hasn't achieved yet and can be found creating worlds as normal as our own or as fantastic as her dreams. Her characters have to face real life challenges, as many of us do, but love always finds a way to conquer all. 
A social media junkie, she can be found haunting many different sites and loves to hear from her readers.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Worldbuilding from Childhood Memories

By Sara Daniel

My grandparents spent their entire lives on a farm in Iowa that had been in our family for over a century. Every Christmas and summer, I would stay there for a few days or weeks, raking in idyllic childhood memories from the simple, old-fashioned, hardworking farm life.
My book centers on a dairy farm. My grandparents were never dairy farmers. However, the farmer who lived across the gravel road was. I remember walking into his barn and watching him hook up the milking machines as each cow took a turn, the contrast between the modern equipment and the old rundown barn striking even through my eleven-year-old eyes. I remember my grandparents talking about how tied to the operation a dairy farmer was with the constant twice a day, 365 days a year milking the cows required. I never considered using any of this in a story, but years later the details I needed were there in my memories, perfect for setting the scene and creating character motivations.
One Night with the Best Man is set on an Iowa farm the hero grew up on and can’t wait to leave in the dust. He must confront his memories of the farm, both the good and the bad. And then he must do something else—see the farm, not just for the memories of what it was but what it has become through the heroine’s vision for its future.

Susie clasped his palm. “Nice job on conquering your demons. Even better, we have time for a tour of the barn before you have to report to the tent for the rehearsal.”
“I already told you I’m not stepping foot in there. If we have time to kill, this bed is now conveniently bare and available.”
She didn’t take the bait. “You can stand in the barn doorway if you’re too chickenshit to go inside.”
Alex tugged her hand, pulling her flush with his chest. He could seriously get into her body rubbing against his. “You don’t call a Marine chickenshit.”
She smirked. “Prove it, and I’ll take it back.”
Hell if he didn’t swallow her bait whole. “You play dirty. I like that in a woman.”
“I’ve seen the kind of women you like. If you’re attracted to me, I won’t take it as a compliment.”
Alex laughed. If she wasn’t tied to the one piece of property he refused to have anything to do with, she would be damn near perfect. In addition to being witty and intelligent, she had a compassionate side that threatened to drown him in sweetness. Maybe if he concentrated on the sweetness of her ass again, he’d forget about their destination as she dragged him across the back lot.
The sexy professor had turned everything he’d thought he’d known about farm work on its head. What other surprises would she reveal if he took the time to uncover them?

Author Bio: Sara Daniel writes what she loves to read—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She battles a serious NASCAR addiction, was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels, and loses her car keys several times a day. One Night with the Best Man is the latest book in her One Night with the Bridal Party series

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