Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Night Ride

I’m not an author who uses music when I write. Well, not to the point of having a playlist. But when I wrote One Night Ride, my music of choice was country (as it is with most of what I write). Rather than a playlist, I’ll share my top five country music artists right now!

 Keith Urban – who sings Cop Car, the inspiration for Chad’s story! Stay tuned for more about Chad, you can meet him in One Night Ride.

 Jake Owen – There’s not much by Jake I don’t love. I can’t pick just one song!  Beachin’ is a feel-good summertime song.

Brantley Gilbert – Especially Bottoms Up. It’s a fun song, what can I say!

Eric Church – He’s like Jake, I love everything. One of his more recent releases that I love is The Outsiders.

 Luke Bryan – For one he’s a cutie. J Secondly, gotta love Country Girl (Shake it for Me)

One Night Ride

What Readers are saying:

The story is short, sweet, sexy, and very hot. I want MORE!! –Cathy/Reviewer

A nice, steamy short filled with muscle-bound, denim and boots wearing studs. Alphas on display! – 3 Chicks After Dark

   Brett Colson’s ready to get back into the dating game. Competing in rodeos across the country kept him out of the game, so when he hears about the 1Night Stand service from a friend, he takes a chance. 
   Bull rider Jace Peterson lost his first love over a year before to another man. Hitting his thirtieth birthday, Jace listens to his friends’ concerns; he needs to end his self-imposed dry spell and enlist the help of Madame Eve. 
   Brett and Jace expect nothing more than a satisfying one-night ride. But they’re wrong.

About the Author:
Born and raised in Texas, Jennah is a transplant to Missouri long enough ago she should probably consider that her hometown. But she will forever be a Texan. She loves to write any story that will make a reader smile, laugh, and maybe even cry (although you won't ever hear her admit that she cries). Whether the next story she writes is contemporary, urban fantasy, LGBT, or whatever other crazy idea she comes up with, there will always be love and romance in the midst of trials and turmoil.
When she's not writing you can find her on Twitter, with her family, or buried in a book trying to escape reality for just a minute.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bunny and the Brigadier

Today I have a special guest, former supermodel Anya Volkov.
Welcome to my hot seat, Anya. Please tell the readers out there a little about yourself.
Thank you for having me. Well, I’ll start with the obvious, that I’m half-Russian. I was born in Russia to an American mother. I started modeling when I was around the age of 15. My most famous photo is the white swimsuit photo from the eighties that made me an overnight celebrity. But all that fame and hard work didn’t stop me from becoming lonely.
Well, that was quite some time ago your famous snapshot came out. That puts you around the age of...?
A lady never discloses her age, Bunny. I think you of all women should know that. *Leans forward* How old did you say you were?
Ah, yes. Well as you said—we shouldn’t disclose our age. You’re a little old to be signing up for a 1Night Stand. Don’t you think?
Quite the contrary, Bunny. I’ve done a lot in the last ten years that people told me I was too old to do. I’ve gone sky diving, sailing around the world, ran with an Army unit, completed a competitive obstacle course and danced until dawn with an extremely hot general. Not to mention, taking him home with me after. *winks* I think  your only limitation is your mind and what barriers you let it put up.
So, you went for a powerful man. You like power?
Um, I didn’t get to pick exactly who. Madame Eve did that and might I add he was perfect. It’s nice to have a man that knows exactly what he wants and goes after it.
So, was he everything you thought he would be?
I’ve never dated a military man. Let’s just say he was full of surprises. More than I could’ve imagined.
I understand you were a spook. How did the general feel about dating a spy.
Excuse me, Bunny. You got this information from whom?
I have my sources.
You do know that there are people out there that might not like your sources. As for dating a spy, no problem, since we work for the same team.
People? *Glances around.*  Are you telling me I’m being watched? You are! Dang it. You could warn a girl. I would have at least had a new manicure and maybe had my hair trimmed. I hope at least if they’re going to stalk me, they’re hot.
So, Bunny. Shouldn’t we move on to the quickies? You like quickies don’t you?
Wait! Who’s doing this interview?
Fifty to life or the death penalty?
What? Nobody told me.... Stop! This is my interview. You’re the one in the hotseat.
Lights on or off during your interrogation?
I’m refuse to answer that question.
Have you ever been arrested before?
I plead the 5th! *eyes the door*
Well, it looks like we’re all out of time. I really have to run. You’re just kidding right, Anya?
Am I?
*Vanishes in a puff of smoke.*
Well, it looks like my host has left me to wrap up on my own. To find out how my date with the general went, pick up the tell all exclusive here: Beauty and the Brigadier.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cat People

Available HERE

I’m a cat person, always have been. I’ve had both cats and dogs most of my life, but I’ve always had an affinity for the feline species. I love their independence. Owning a cat is slightly more a chore than owning a house plant. And when they want to cuddle then you feel super special for the attention.
Sure, my four dogs all but maul me with their loving excitement when I go outside for a few minutes then come back in. I might as well have taken a trip around the world. I love them for their undying loyalty and enthusiasm, but they also look completely put out when I’m not nearly as excited to see them. (Guys, seriously, I took the garbage out, CALM DOWN.)  Meanwhile, the cats eye me curiously, wondering if I’ve brought anything back of interest. If not, then it’s yawns and back to naps.
This is the type of person I am. Low maintenance and I value my independence.

Are you a dog or cat person? Leave a comment with email and you might win my F/F 1NS release, RescueMe!

When Abigail Winter’s stepsister sets her up with 1Night Stand, she can’t deny she needs a night away from the constant worry. Her cat rescue A Purrfect Home is in danger of closing, and she’s nearly out of options. Her date, Carlita, is gorgeous with soft curves that leave Abigail hungry for a taste. A perfect and passionate distraction for the evening.
Carlita Menedez is thrilled when she first lays eyes on her date, Abigail. Beautiful, and an animal lover, who more perfect for a former veterinarian? Her lithe form proves irresistible, and her kisses incredible. Their chemistry sizzles and when they come together, they find pure bliss in one another’s arms.
But disaster steals their night, and A Purrfect Home may already be lost. Will Carlita be the one person who can help Abigail save everything she’s worked so hard for?

Thunder boomed louder, jarring the windows, echoing her pounding heart. Carlita met her gaze and Abigail couldn’t resist reaching out and taking one of her ebony curls, letting the silken texture slip through her fingertips. The simple act did obscene things, a tight ache settled between her thighs. Abigail cupped the other woman’s cheek. “What do you think? Can two strangers like us have a passionate one night affair?”
Carlita’s tongue darted out, moistening her lips, her brown eyes smoldering. A tantalizing tease.
“I think it’s why we’re here, right?”
What an unsatisfying answer. She had to know for sure the other woman felt the same as she did. She stroked her thumb over Carlita’s bottom lip. “Do you want me?”
Carlita looked away and Abigail’s confidence faltered. What if the chemistry was one sided? God, it’d been years since she’d dated, and she’d never been good at reading body signals. To top it off, she was feeling pretty desperate; never a good thing while figuring someone else out. She took a deep breath, ready to back off. Carlita covered her hand with her own before she could pull away and moved the platter with the cheesecake to the nightstand.
“I want you to kiss me, Ab—”
Abigail moved before she could finish the sentence. Carlita’s lips were soft, yielding to the urgency of her kiss. She pulled her forward until Carlita straddled her thighs, the kiss deepening, their tongues meeting in foreplay. She tasted of chocolate, champagne, and desire, a delicious combination, and Abigail couldn’t get enough. Abigail stroked the smooth skin of her exposed back, feeling her muscles moving while Carlita worked the buttons on her blouse. When the other woman palmed Abigail’s breasts through her cotton bra, the heat within her bloodstream turned to liquid fire. She yanked the halter ties to Carlita’s dress, fumbling with the knot.
“Damn it.” The ties wouldn’t give. More than anything she wanted those incredible breasts free to bury her face between them. Live out one of the fantasies she’d been denied all night.
“Oh god, I’m sorry,” Carlita said as grabbed the ties, trying to help. “I didn’t want to fall out. I tightened it into a double knot.”
Abigail gave up and let her work the knot, taking advantage of having free hands.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Complete Me!

All right, folks. I can finally announce my GIGANTOR CONTEST—codenamed Project Overkill—and I couldn’t be more pumped. Up for grabs? A LOT.
ONE lucky winner will receive:

A Complete Me-inspired T-shirt:

      E-book copies of Complete Me AND This Time Next Year by yours truly

A signed copy of Exhale by Kendall Grey + swag from her phenomenal Just Breathe series

E-book copies of Shut Up and Kiss Me and Kiss Me Like You Mean It by Mahalia Levey + a Kiss Me Deadly pendant

E-book copies of Blame it on the Bass, Steady Beat, and Love’s Rhythm by Lexxie Couper

A signed copy of Joy Ride by Desiree Holt

That’s 9 books, peeps. NINE.


The grand prize?


I currently feel like one of those crazy car commercial people. But there you have it.

How do you enter?

Easy. Leave a comment on this post to be entered. The contest is TODAY ONLY, and I will pick a winner at midnight. Then promptly sell my soul to Crowley to afford all the things I’m giving away.
Don’t want to wait (at least for my books)?
Currently my debut 1Night Stand This Time Next Year is on sale at Amazon for the low, low price of .99 cents!
And Complete Me is available at the Decadent Publishing site (which carries all formats) and on Amazon for $2.99.

About Complete Me:

A romance author who needs to love….
Best-selling romance author Claire Ergleston confines her passions to the pages of her books, afraid of being hurt again. When she receives a 1Night Stand date “to give her something to talk about in interviews,” can she let herself be swept away?
A rock star who needs to let go….
The past has a chokehold on former rock star Ty Krause. Instead of killer tunes, he kills time writing passable songs for a British boy band and spends his nights wishing he had the balls to say good-bye. In a last ditch effort to move on, he signs up for 1Night Stand, thinking that a night of no-strings-attached sex will help him break the leash of his past.
From the moment Claire and Ty meet, sparks fly—but can they overcome their pasts or will their potential love story end on a sour note?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Why a Historical…Why Now?

Why would a contemporary erotic romance writer dip her toe in the historical pond? Because it’s where she started. My very first book—SO UNPUBLISHED IT’S NOT FUNNY—is a historical. Not just a historical, but an 800-page epic, rambling mess of head-hopping, passive writing and every other newbie mistake you can think of piece of, amazing disk space. I can’t even look at it without cringing.

I have a list a mile long of books that I need to get written. Books promised, asked for, or just in queue. Yet this one, which should have been at the very bottom, not even to beeen seen until 2016 if I was lucky, just wouldn’t leave me alone. It came to me so passionately and quickly, with such need to be told that I had no choice but to comply. So I began to rediscover my love of history and of historical romances.

I love history, always have, even my ideal vacation is to historical destinations. In collage I studied Costume and Art history and spent hours in the V & A in London just sitting in front of their costume exhibit, sinking it all in. Little by little, that part of me started coming to the surface. Maybe it was my trip to Ireland or maybe just a need to remember my passions.
It’s funny when I first started writing I never believed I would write a contemporary. Once I was published, I never believed I would publish a historical. Lesson again about never say never.

Will Rowena and Duncan’s 800-page book one day see the light of day…I certainly won’t say never. Fortunately, Llysa and Wolfe's story has in...

The Duke & the Virgin

In a time when women have few options for their futures, bluestocking wallflower Llysa Hamilton has aged out of the marriage mart. With offers for her hand unlikely, she enlists Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service to find the perfect man for one passionate night.

Wolfe Thane, Duke of Foxhaven, has never lacked for anything, but he’s bored with his entitled life. Winning a 1Night Stand voucher in a poker game appears to offer a perfect, commitment-free opportunity to add spice to his sex life.

Hiding behind a mask during her date with the duke offers Llysa anonymity and courage. Wolfe has never met a woman as intriguing and disingenuous.
Can true love be unmasked in just one night or will it be destined to stay on the shelf?
#1NS, #decadentpub, @dominieastwick 

Friday, March 28, 2014

One for the Girls!

by Jessica E. Subject

   My new release, His Alien Virgin, wasn’t a story I’d planned on writing. I thought I wrote my last 1Night Stand story after Another Night, Another Planet. But, let me tell you, they are just as addicting to write as they are to read.
   The “virgin” part of my story comes from one of my editors at Decadent. Kate Richards, and I joke around about story ideas every once in a while, and I happened to mention that she should write a 1Night Stand about an virgin alien to complement her Virgin series. Then she commented back that I should write it. I played with the idea of a male alien virgin coming to Earth for a date, but it just didn’t work for me.
   It was comments from science fiction romance authors and readers that got me thinking more about the story. They questioned why most alien romances involve a sexy male alien swooping in to save the day and woo the woman. I agree. That’s the way I’ve wrote my alien stories, and those I’ve read are the same.
   So, for my next stories, I’ve decided to make the heroine an alien. And in the case of His Alien Virgin, she is very independent. Heck, in the beginning of the story, Skylar escapes without any help from a man or anyone else.

Here’s an excerpt:

Skylar shoved a shirt and a pair of pants—the only non-revealing clothes she owned—into her bag. She didn’t bother to zip it up, worried the sound of metal teeth grinding against each other would arouse her roommates. The last thing she needed to happen. They would only cause more delays. And she refused to live in the complex a moment longer. Or on the planet.
With a quiet breath, she tiptoed across the cold steel floor, weaving around the rays of light reflecting off the two moons into the dormitory.
A soft sigh echoed through the room and Skylar froze, biting her bottom lip to keep her panic from boiling over. She gazed around and noticed one of her roommates smiling, her eyes closed.
“Oh, Hay’den, you’ve come to rescue me.”
How they all wished for their heroes to come. Only, none ever did.
The girl rolled onto her side. If she opened her eyes, she’d find Skylar standing in front of her.
Please, don’t wake up. As much as she’d love to take them all with her, she didn’t have time to tell anyone of her plan. Plus, more bodies meant more noise and a greater risk of alerting her keeper of their purpose.
She glanced at the door. Her path to freedom lay only a few feet away.
After thirty seconds of no movement or sound from the other bunks, she continued her trek, daring to take the chance of being caught. Finally reaching the exit, she twisted the handle, but her sweaty palms did nothing to ease her escape. She wiped her hands on her barely there nightdress and twisted again, releasing a heavy breath at the satisfying click.
Peeking up and down the hallway, she saw no one to stop her, no one who would crush her dreams of getting off Rebed. Without a space pirate, that was. A shudder ran through her, and she swallowed down her unease. Once she got away, she no longer had to worry about the monster coming to claim her in the morning.Jessica E. Subject 2
Time to go. Run! She dashed around a corner and down the empty corridor, toward the dark-as-space shipyard. Her heart pounded like a fist against her ribs. She’d never stolen anything in her life, but she had to leave, refused to remain in the hellhole a second longer.
She peeked outside, searching for a lookout, anyone who could stop her from reaching her destination. All clear. Though she wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief until she’d left the atmosphere, landed on a new planet. For only then would she be free. If her brothers ever found out she’d escaped and broken her contract, they’d hunt her down, tie her up, and drag her back to Rebed—soil she never wanted to set foot on again. Yet, if she made it to the other side of the galaxy, she could blend in and never look back.

Leave a comment (with your email) for your chance to WIN a back list 1Night Stand title by Jessica E. Subject. Winner will be notified March 31, 2014.

His Alien Virgin
A 1Night Stand story
By Jessica E. Subject
New Adult Erotic Sci-Fi Romance   ISBN: 978-1-61333-680-9
She is desperately seeking freedom...
On the eve before her twenty-first birthday, Skylar steals a ship and escapes from the planet Rebed. She refuses to be another wife for the slimy space pirate that is her betrothed. After hearing of her brothers’ success, she applies to the 1Night Stand service on her way to Earth, hoping Madame Eve can find her a hero, to make her feel special, even if for only one night.
He is trying to fit in...
A longtime friend to Skylar’s brothers, he’s always relegated her to the look and don’t touch category. Though, Daran traveled to Earth years ago, he still struggles to fit in on the planet. When his boss suggests a blind date, he reluctantly agrees. What would happen if anyone found out about his alien ancestry?
And they are not at all meant to be together...
Has Madame Eve made a huge mistake, or will Daran tread into forbidden territory to be with the one woman he’s always wanted, and become the hero Skylar craves?
Available from
Jessica E. Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotica. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous. And if you’re looking for something really steamy, check out her erotica stories written as Paisley Brown.
When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.
Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

His boots were made of anteater skin….

I bet you didn’t know there are a whole lot more than cowhide leather and ostrich skin to make cowboy boots from. Personally, I have never given it a lot of thought until now. I’ve just been drawn to a cowboy in his “basic” uniform of a wide-brimmed hat, a chambray shirt, well-worn jeans, and scuffed boots.
The most commonly used material for cowboy boots is cowhide leather because it is durable, looks good, and allows the feet to breathe.
Another fairly common skin used for boots is snakeskin. The most popular of these skins are from pythons and rattlesnakes. Boots from these skins have beautiful and complex patterns.
One of the most desired exotic skins, which I was familiar with, is ostrich. The skin has a unique grain, is fairly durable, and also breathes well.
In the more exotic skins used to make boots are skins from alligator lizards, hornback lizards, eels, cobra, boa, alligator, bison, calfskin, and elk. The skins that I found the most surprising were from goats, sharks, elephants, hippos, kangaroos, and anteaters. Boots made from anteater skin are very expensive due to their rarity and are considered a status symbol in the cowboy boots world.
After this research, I’m going to have to rethink having my cowboys simply wear boots. Maybe my next cowboy hero will wear boots made from kangaroo skin. No, that just creeps me out.
My most recent cowboy story release, CowboyDreamin’, is part of the 1 Night Stand series. My cowboys (Shane and Carson) didn’t wear anything particularly unique, but Kendra did have purple hair.

Kendra spends her days and nights running a business, sculpting, and leading a Tahitian dance group in Kauai. She can’t squeeze anything else into her life, but she dreams of cowboys. Sexy, hot cowboys in tight jeans, low-tipped Stetsons, dusty boots, who know all about how to please a woman. She enjoys her fantasies, but can’t imagine ever settling down with a cowboy. But just one night with one would be so nice. After that, she could move on and get past dreaming of the white knight cowboy who would sweep her off her feet and ride with her off into the sunset.
Because of an accident that Shane believes left him “less of a man,” he doesn’t see a wife and children in his future. Carson, his ranching partner—and sometimes lover—thinks Shane is wrong. He refuses to let Shane settle for a life of rodeo bunnies who only want a romp in bed with a bull rider. Shane deserves more than that. He manages to sign Shane up with a matchmaking service to, hopefully, meet another kind of woman, maybe someone who will appreciate Shane for the man he is. Except Madame Evangeline expects both of the cowboys to go on this special one night date. But one night with the purple-haired, hip-shaking beauty in Kauai might not be enough…for either of them.

Shane watched in fascination as two island women danced onto the beach stage barefoot, hips swaying, breasts bouncing. He’d seen this kind of dancing on TV once when he’d flicked channels around. It hadn’t held his interest at the time. But, damn, he liked the hell out of it in person. So did his lower body.
He shifted in his chair and hoped no one would notice the way his cock had tented the front of his too-tight jeans. He’d gone too long without loving a pretty female. Then he remembered why he was here and his mood soured. An arranged date.
He started to get up to leave when two more eye-catching dancers slipped from the cave entrance. One in particular snagged his attention. His dick grew harder; his pulse raced. Damn, talk about hot! And she knew how to shimmy her hips. He hoped he wasn’t drooling.
Then he forced his gaze higher and couldn’t move it beyond two plump breasts cupped by a pair of coconut shells. He ached to replace the shells with his palms, squeeze those….
The dancers did a sexy little hip-swishing spin. He swallowed and stifled a shudder. Sweat beaded on his upper lip. No doubt she affected every other man in the area. A glance at Carson told him his good buddy sure was under her spell.
He reached for his beer and chugged the rest of it, hoping it would cool him down. It didn’t. As he focused on the woman in the pink skirt again, he thought his poor old heart would beat itself to death. She had more wiggle to those amazing hips than any of the others. Those shells were working darn hard to contain her tempting breasts. And her smile…. God, he’d never seen one so….
She did another sassy, hip-teasing turn and captured his full attention once more. He hadn’t noticed her waist-length hair all that much before, but now the wavy mass fluttered around her, caressed her sweet body. It fascinated him, until he studied her closer. “Is her hair purple?”
“It appears to be,” Carson said in a husky tone. “I’m real glad we didn’t miss this.”
Shane didn’t want to admit he agreed, because that would mean he had accepted the arrangement then. But he wasn’t suffering. He kept watching the dancers, thinking about the photo in the e-mail. Which of these dancers was Kendra? They’d been told she had blue eyes. These women had brown eyes.
Interrupting his musings, the purple-haired beauty looked in his direction and her blue eyes widened. She fell out of sync with the others. He knew in that instant she was the woman he’d balked at meeting. His gut warned him his world would never be the same.

Author Info: Starla Kaye