Friday, June 3, 2011

One Night With A Wolf

By Rebecca Royce

When I first heard about the 1NS series that was being published by Decadent Publishing, I was absolutely transfixed with the idea of writing in this world.  Who was Madame Evangeline and who were the people that she would help find true love by giving them one night together? 

My muse loves the paranormal and so my creative juices began to flow.  I could picture Joseph very clearly. He’d come to New York City and he sat, waiting for someone at the restaurant called The View in the Marriott Marquis Hotel.  I’ve been to the View many times.  Ten years ago, I brought my husband there on his first visit to NYC with me.  He’s from the southern part of the United States.  He didn’t enjoy the experience as much as I had hoped, starting with the cost of drinks at the bar.  
But that is where Joe and my husband part ways.  The hero in this INS story is hiding a secret that he thinks will keep him alone for the rest of his life.  But is that true? Can one night with the right person change your life? I thought it could and so One Night With A Wolf was born.  

Joseph Penn is a Werewolf who has come to New York City to celebrate his sister’s birthday. Having been turned against his will years earlier in a violent attack, he spends as little time as possible away from his secluded home. Sitting in the bar, waiting for his sister, he’s shocked when he receives an unexpected text from his old friend, Madame Evangeline, the owner of the exclusive dating service, 1Night Stand, telling him he’s being set up with a woman in that very bar.

Kaylee Post has lost her boyfriend, her job, and her self-confidence. Intending to celebrate her friend’s birthday at the Manhattan restaurant, she never expects instead to have a one-night stand with a wolf who will change her life in ways she can’t yet imagine.

I hope you enjoy my take on the 1NS series.  I can’t wait to keep reading this fantastic series and to write another one!


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  1. Love the cover, love the story! I'm so glad this is seeing the light of day, we've been waiting with bated (baited?) breath! LOL

  2. I really enjoyed this story! Thanks, Rebecca.

  3. Love the cover, too, and this is so-o going in my cart and straight to my eReader. I just love the INS series, and Rebecca's work; she hasn't disappointed me once! How could I not be excited about this release? hehe

  4. I love your wolves can't wait to dive in!

  5. Congrats on your release! I love everything you do so this is a sure thing LoL - no really I LOVED it!

  6. Bought a copy this morning. I love your work and love this series, so it's a win all around for me. Congrats!

  7. So happy people want to read it and that the series is so well received because all of the stories in it are so wonderful.

  8. On my TBB list right now. I love wolves! And the story sounds fantastic.