Monday, August 27, 2012

Reality TV and the 1Night Stand

by Virginia Nelson

The strangest things can inspire stories.  Sitting with my teenage daughter and her best friend, a reality TV show blasted across the TV as I tried to work.  Glancing up, I saw a beautiful girl being escorted off the show after the one single man who she tried to snare cast her aside like a loaf of stale bread.
Blinking at the screen, I immediately wondered what that would do to a person.  To be dumped is hard enough but to be dumped on television?  And then on top of that, how hard would it be to live in a position like the one she was leaving?  A whole herd of beautiful women, searching for love, trapped together like a bunch of bloodthirsty vipers…
And I came up with Mellie, country girl by birth, swept off to a tropical paradise searching for love only to be rejected.  Attacked by the press for moments out of a long period of time that the producers snipped together to create a false image of her but paid well for the utter destruction of her social life, she paid for the exclusive services of Madame Eve in an attempt to find passion…if only for a night.
When Madame Eve pairs her up with another woman, she first questions the 1NS dating service.
Then she questions her own desires.
Curious what happens to Mellie?  Check out my newly released 1Night Stand, Taking Control.

Looking for Love...
 When she got voted off "Find Your Hubby," a reality tv gameshow, Mellie gave up on finding love.
 In all the wrong places...
Everyone knows that you are more likely to get hit by lightning than find a husband once you’re 40. Using the last of her winnings in a spur of the moment fling, she pays for a matchmaking service that offers you the perfect person-For One Night Only.
Can you buy passion?
When the 'perfect person' they find her is a woman, she first questions their selection service...Then her own desires.

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  1. Our parents played match maker. We went out on our first date and he asked me to marry him eight months later.

  2. I had just broke up with my boyfriend and moved to another town to get away. I was staying with a good friend and got on the convenience store that she worked at. I needed a job and this one sounded easy. After a couple of weeks working there is guy came in. I instantly was attrached to him, but knew that he was younger then me. I started flirting with him and his friends, they flirted back, but mostly he flirted. This went on for a couple of weeks. He never asked me out, so finally I asked him out. I was tired of waiting. August 25 we celebrated our 18th year of being together. So yes I met my husband in a convenience store and he is 3 years younger.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

  3. Well, let me see, I was just out of an extremely bad marriage. I hads moved from one state to another to get on my feet and recover from the terrible experience that was my divorce. I moved in with my aunt and uncle and after two months of just existing around thier home, my undle sort of pushed me to get a job and get my life back. I started working as a waitress a few days later. While working there, I met and fell instantly in love with a truck driver named Danny. I was swept away and he helped me to gain my confidence in myself back. He fell in love with me, and my children. I met him on December 13th, 1999, I moved in with him in May 2000, he asked me to marry him Thanksgiving 2000 and we married August 25th 2001. We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We are still going strong. A modern day Cinderella story.

  4. Let's see. We met the first time when I was in highschool. He was in college. He took my picture at an event, and I might have smacked him for taking my picture. lol Then when I graduated we got together. We've been together 7 years now, married 5. He always pushed me to be myself, and has been my biggest supporter.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  5. I met my significant other at a bar, then at a BBQ. There was an attraction there, but we never started dating until two weeks later when he arrived at the place I worked. We've been together ever since. That was fourteen years ago. :)

  6. I met my significant other when my friend Jackie picked me up from work...Joshua was with her. He got out if the car to give me the front seat i said he didn't have to...he insisted. And as much as i hate to admit i smoke...i lite a cigarette and when i ashed it it sparked back inside and Joshua was like oh my God you burnt my eye...I'm utterly mortified...i burnt the cute boy!!!! I'm all tripping over myself apologizing making sure he was ok...6 months later i find out it was a lie...i didn't burn his eye!!! I asked him why he did it and he said he was setting his hook!!! Lol...we've been together 15 years.

  7. Using, the winner is...
    Congrats, Andieleah!

    Thanks everyone for commenting. Very romantic stories :)