Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hot Winter Kiss

Coming Soon from Decadent Publishing!

by JoAnne Kenrick
November is a busy month for Irish Kisses releases - November 9th, Threesome Sweetness released. Hot Winter Kisses, book four, comes out 30th November. Meanwhile, I've been busy rustling up a new 1NS series. It's been a great pleasure to indulge my love for contemporary romance with the Bell's Irish Pub gang, but I'm really enjoying stepping back into paranormal romance with the new stories. I'm hoping to submit the first in the new collection before November ends, but all the festive fun is certainly proving a distraction.

It pays to send gifts out of the country as early as possible, so there has been much 'early' festive seasonal joy from me. Movies, music… and crafts! Lots of crafts.

Each year, I like to find a project I can do with the kids -- I like to believe each Christmas, when the family back in the UK pull out their decorations box and see our previous crafts, they think of us. Thus, we are still apart of their traditions and them apart of ours.

I like to keep the crafts simple (because we have a lot to send out) and this makes it easier for posting. Flat is a bonus. Always!

This year, we stocked up on foam letters and shapes, and came up with christmas card magnets and gingerbread men tree decorations. I do hope the family like them, because we sure did enjoy making them. Even the teenage son gets involved. Unless it's motorbikes or gaming stuff, he typically not interested. So it's a really nice way to pull the family together and spend quality time laughing and getting crafty. There's always a huge mess at the end of it, because someone will have started a throwing match of some sort. This year, I had the backing from the tiny stick on letters everywhere! The cats even joined in…yes, it was as if a Christmas craft bomb had gone off in our kitchen. Fun times.

Talking of Christmas fun times…how about some hot times to warm up those impending frosty nights on the way?

Coming November 30th 2012
Hot winter kisses are all this couple needs to stay warm this Christmas, but will the heat stay long after the magical season of mistletoe has finished?

A small tease from Hot Winter Kiss
A shiver snaked up Sandra’s legs. Cold and wet, it weaved into her tummy and unsettled her. She tossed. She turned. She kicked her legs and snuggled farther under the blanket. The hard mattress made it near impossible for her to get comfortable, and the thin blanket was inadequate to warm her.

This wasn’t her bed.

She snapped her eyelids open and sat. From the heavy drapes, to the battered old floorboards and murals, her surroundings told her she was at the castle; she recognized them from the photos on Ballygalley’s website. A red tint from a dying fire in the stone surround glowed and flickered around her, casting dancing shadows across the walls and over the bed covered in pretty floral linens.

The scent of roses wafted around her and disappeared, which was odd because she couldn’t see any fresh blooms in the room. She sniffed her way around the bed until she found the source; the blanket draped over her. A faint flowery scent lingered, delicate, pretty. She made note to ask housekeeping which fabric softener they used.
Stretching out her arms, she crossed the room to poke the flames back to life. Her ankle throbbed on her way to the mantel.

She tried to recall how she might have arrived here, and how she’d injured herself. Last she remembered, she was in Stuffy Head’s car. Had he carried her up the stairs? Or was she so tired she’d forgotten stumbling up here herself? Her chest tightened, and her pulse quickened.

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  1. What a wonderful winter wonderland of Irish kiss stories! Loved Sweet Irish Kiss and Shamrocked! Eager for the others. And I LOVE the trailer.

  2. I wish my kids were little again so I could do that. I'll have to wait for grandkids. I do my own craft things but I love the joy that children bring to it.

    1. crafts are fun with children around to 'make a mess' LOL for sure ;)