Thursday, June 19, 2014

Strong Women in Romance

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by Landra Graf

I’ve been stumbling across a lot of articles lately about strong women in movies, video games, books, and entertainment in general. From what I’ve seen strong women tend to be downplayed in movies where the majority of females take a backseat role, they are brought in mainly for a romance aspect instead of playing a major factor in the plot. I do see predominant female characters in YA books and movies. In adult romance women share the stage with men. I enjoy the dual perspective and receiving a story from both sides. So how do you still portray a strong woman?
For my 1NS, What You Need, portraying a strong woman came naturally. My heroine, Victoria, has suffered in the past and overcame her suffering through changes to her everyday life and her sexual appetites. Enter the Femdom, and her eagerness to find someone to share her desires. She controls the situations, not the other way around.
She battles personal demons, but doesn’t allow them to rule her. The strong woman, in my opinion, has the ability to face her issues and wants to confront any problems standing in her way. Fear and negative emotions may delay her journey, but ultimately she’ll discover a solution to face the worst of the worst without fail. 
Ultimately, her goal is to save as much as be saved. To me, my strong woman wants to save her hero as much as he saves her. Saving and healing equality is what she’s looking for.

What are traits do you think a strong woman embodies?

A sexual submissive, Royce wants a woman who’ll make his fantasies come true. The last thing he expects on his 1Night Stand is to be paired with Victoria, his ex-best friend. Haunted by their past, he refuses to deny his newfound attraction or his need for answers. This time, he doesn’t plan to let her go.
   Victoria has loved Royce forever, but the sting of his rejection is not so easily forgotten. No longer the naïve girl he knew, she’s matured into a sexual dominant. This Domme demands a chance to restart their relationship—on her terms. Knowing that one night will never be enough, she plans a seduction that will last forever.

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