Thursday, October 9, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!

Armed with a razor sharp wit, a great pair of legs, and a less than perfect body, I have attempted to navigate the choppy waters of the dating pool in the sin capital of the world, Las Vegas, for quite a while now. The best and most accurate description of dating in Las Vegas would be like telling a rabid dog to sit calmly at the foot of the bed while a pair of howler monkeys bounce up and down rapidly. Not a pretty sight.
The single male Las Vegan, a creature unlike any other, when faced with the choice of a smart career-minded woman in sensible shoes or Bambi the weather bunny, seem to experience full brain meltdown. Following that object located in the Southern Hemisphere of their bodies, men are ultimately drawn to Bambi.
Now I use the name Bambi as a generalization. Sometimes her name is Tiffani or Buffy or Brittany or some other name that should be banned from the English language on the sheer saccharin content of it, pop singers and beloved TV characters aside. With breasts that levitate through the smoky air of any nightclub in a way that befuddles even David Copperfield, wedged into the smallest top available at the juniors department, these women blind the average male in Las Vegas, with the rigidity of their nipples alone. (Come on girls, it ain't that cold in here.)Much like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming SUV. Mere mortal women like myself do not stand a chance.
My adventures in the ‘Sin’ trade is what prompted me to write my 1Night Stand story, Bettingon a God. Madame Eve makes it easy for Sadie to find love in Vegas when she sets the sassy brunette up with Dion, the God of Wine and Merriment. Despite his godly status, and body, Dion is also having trouble finding lasting love in the City of Sin. Bored and tired of trolling the sea of plastic people, Dion turns to Madame Eve for a hand like Sadie. Sadie and Dion are made for each other and in true Madame Eve style the fun they have together proves it.
Who can resist a hot Greek God seducing you under the glow of Neon lights? I know I couldn’t if he looked like Dion.

Welcome to Vegas, baby!

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