Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Midnight Oil and Caffeine

 by Dakota Trace

“Yes. I just got back from the spa. All I can say is your brother-in-law had better appreciate this. Because I let them wax and color parts of me no good girl should ever allow.” – Akira to Venus, about the spa treatment Madame Eve arranged in preparation for her masquerade 1NS date at the newly minted Carnivore Club.

This is what happens when you give two authors, too much caffeine and a sub call starting out with the words “1Night Stand dates have reached new levels of kink with the opening of a new BDSM underground resort club in Las Vegas.”  
Seriously - they shouldn’t have.  Because letting an author’s mind run free is dangerous – especially when one of the two is hyper as TL Reeve is.  (Don’t believe me? Hit her up on Facebook some morning and you’ll swear some slipped her a triple shot of expresso. LOL)  But I love her…which is why she was the perfect partner to find myself up with at two in the morning making a small part of the Carnivore Club uniquely ours. 
Since the lovely Kate Richards said that the sky was the limit, TL and I took her at her word and created the Devil’s Playground, a unique dungeon that’s buried underground in an abandoned mineshaft. (But the kicker of it – well it all starts out in opulent ballroom at a masquerade ball, but I’ll let TL tell you more about that next week with her post.)  
So where was I?  Oh yeah two hyper authors scouring the web at two in the morning while we not only set up the rules of the masquerade, but what we thought the ultimate dungeon would look like.  What did it have to have?  Well of course, it had to have all the prerequisite items: shackles, spanking benches, bondage beds, and sex swings.  And we can’t forget the centerpiece – a St. Andrew’s Cross.  *drools* Oh and did I mention the coliseum seating that can seat about fifty horny Doms and their submissives.  No…well, I would say bad Dakota, but I think I’ll blame that all on Livvy, my muse.  Yep the seating had to be her idea. 

As you probably can tell, we did a lot of in-depth planning of how the dungeon was arranged.  We wanted the ultimate dungeon – cause come on, it’s in Vegas, where they have the best of the best and hedonism is not only accepted, but encouraged. It’s the ultimate dungeon with tons of naughty items for Doms to play with. A submissive’s wet dream, or we hope. But you’ll have to check out either, mine, TL’s books to find out which is your favorite J 

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A Dominant who just couldn’t let go….
As an experienced Dom, Seba Havas, specializes in helping traumatized submissives find the release they need. He knows when a firm hand is needed or a gentle touch will work better, but nothing in his nearly fifteen years in the scene prepares him for Akira. Like a whirlwind, she turns his orderly life upside down with her refusal to submit. Still reeling from his failure with her six months later, he turns to 1Night Stand. Madame Eve’s suggestion?  A trip to the Carnivore Club, the brand new BDSM themed Las Vegas Strip resort on a date to an elegant masquerade ball with a beautiful submissive.
A submissive who’s willing to sacrifice it all….
As the oldest daughter of the Ito clan, Akira has been responsible and self-controlled her entire life, up to the point it has caused her to lose the dominant she loves. Now she has one chance left to prove to Seba she can be what he needs. In true Vegas fashion, and with a little help from Madame Eve, she’s going to gamble it all on one night of dominance and submission. But will it be enough?


  1. I'm not ALWAYS hyper...just you know...sometimes. lol

    1. Hmmm....I can't remember last time you werent, Ms. Reeve.