Wednesday, March 18, 2015


By Landra Graf
Yep, I went there. My contemporary writing has mainly been geared toward erotica and the 1NS series. I’m working on a new erotica BDSM 1NS and have a second one in the planning stages. One of my first goals with each of these stories was to figure out my main characters kinks, along with those hard limits. I find that kinks can explain a lot about a person, their fears, their past, and their motivations.
It’s also incredibly difficult to research those kinks. I’ll give a little teaser, my next hero is into rope bondage. So far I’ve dived into two different rope bondage books, researched several rope sellers, and looked at a lot of pictures. In some cases what I see pushes my comfort zones, but I like the challenge. There’s new vocabulary, new descriptors, and a whole wide world of rope I never knew about.
In my last 1NS it was all about the basics of BDSM and male submission with a female Domme. For my next couple stories I’m really looking to push outside of the box I created for myself and dive deeper. Yet, I find a lot of my research inspiration comes from reading other books.
I’m getting ready to dive into sensory deprivation, spurred on by some plot bunnies and other things, but I’d love to hear what’s peaked everyone else’s interest in as far as kinks.
Are there kinks you want to know more about? Are there kinks you’d like to read more about? What is a sexy kink and what is not?
For example: I just found out that domination via medical instruments is a thing. I had no idea. I also have heard many a thing about the proper use of wooden spoons via other Decadent and 1NS authors.
So tell me yours, or at least the ones you want to learn more about.

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