Monday, July 20, 2015

New 1Night Stand on the Horizen

 By Landra Graf

Finally, after about six months of toiling, and being consumed by other projects, I’ve been able to get my next three 1NS contracted. I’m still living in the world of BDSM and exploring different kinks. I hinted to some of this in previous guest posts, but at long last I can finally talk about my rope bondage/shibari loving hero Sigmund… called Sig by his friends.
He’s rough, keeps his emotions locked up tight, and finds it hard to believe a woman would be interested in being tied up. Not everyone it down for his type of fun and his track record of mixing pleasure with dating doesn’t seem to work.
This hero was by far my favorite to write. He came to me without difficulty and finding him the right woman did, too. I’m looking forward to introducing Sig to readers, since word from a few close friends is that this hero is by far their favorite. He’s also my first foray into writing a dominant hero. I’ll admit to having far too much fun, which means I may have a few more of those dominant heroes hiding up my sleeve.
Outside of Sig, my other heroes Kanoa and Garrett can’t wait to be introduced either, but I’ll save them for future posts. 

P.S. I promise more female Dominants are coming. I love my girls in charge and won’t stop writing them now.

About the Author:
Landra Graf has been crafting stories since the tender age of too-young-to-watch-rated-R. When she finally got old enough for adult material, she believed adult meant anything besides the smexy. Then she discovered erotic romance. Since then it’s been a journey down a rabbit hole. Landra writes BDSM erotic romance and historical erotic romance, among other less smexy offerings. You can find Landra at: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or on her Website.

My First 1NS - What You Need Blurb: Royce is looking for a woman who won’t cringe at the words “sexual submissive,” and a chance for all his fantasies to come true. The 1Night Stand he signed up for was supposed to be simple with no attachments, but when his match is his ex-best friend, simple goes out the window. He can’t stop seeking the answers to why Victoria left or deny his new-found attraction to her.
Victoria has loved Royce forever, but his rejection of her affections eight years ago caused her to walk away from everything. She’s not the same girl from college, and no longer naive and willing to run too just anyone. A sexual dominant born from her mistakes, she wants a chance to start a relationship based on her terms. She’ll settle for one night, but she’s planning on forever.

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