Friday, July 15, 2011

Things are getting HOT Down Under!

Liia Ann White's hot Aussie 1NS, One Hot Australian Night is superb! Take a look! One lucky commenter will receive a complimentary e-copy!
When I first heard of the 1NightStand series it was because a friend of mine had a story accepted for the line. When said friend *cough* Rebecca *cough* heard I wanted to work with Decadent Publishing, she suggested I write a short for the series, I knew exactly what I was going to write about. 

For weeks, I’d had a story of a widower running around my mind. He was a hot, successful lawyer who was ready to move on with his life and stop grieving for his late wife. Now that I had my hero, I needed a name for him.
Usually, I would choose or create a unique or unusual name for my hero, but this time I wanted to do something different. So I decided to pay tribute to my favourite comic book and TV series – X-Men.

Xavier – for Professor X, leader of the X-Men – suited my hero perfectly. I knew, without hesitation, his brother’s name had to be Erik – for Magneto, X-Men’s number one bad guy. While they’re not my favourite characters, they are essentially the heart of the X-Men universe.

The heroine’s name just came to me easily, as did her best friend’s. Nothing special there. But the name of Xavier’s deceased wife has a special meaning to me as well.Honoria – named for Honoria Fell of The Vampire Diaries novels (and a tiny role in the TV series) – was just perfect for her. I’d always loved the name Honoria, but didn’t want to use it for a heroine because of the memories I have of the ‘real’ Honoria. I didn’t want to get her confused with a character I’d created.

 Yeah I know; it’s all a bit weird – just like me!

And so I’ve decided that in every 1NightStand story I write (and there will be at least two more) there will be an X-Men connection there. I can’t wait to see who figures them out!

Isn't that yummy? Go ahead, leave a comment! You know you want to (and maybe you'll win a copy of One Hot Australian Night!)



  1. Liia ~ I loved the new X-Men movie...and Magneto was AWESSSOME! I'm a new fan now! And OHAN is a fantabulous story!

  2. Liia - How fun! I love Magnito too. He is a very compelling character (espcially if you're made of metal) I have a few friends who live down under but have never been. I dream of going someday. This year my husband and I get a trip to Disney World with my 3 kids. I am thinking I'll need a vacation when I get back.

    Congratulations on your story! It sounds like a fun steamy read.

  3. Thanks Valerie! I'm so happy you like it.
    And thanks for all your work - you're a gem :-)

  4. Shoo I feels so uncool with my lack of X-Men knowledge! But, even without it, I love the story! Welcome to 1NS Liia and I am so glad you've got more on the way

  5. I love the way you went about paying homage to the most fabulous X-Men. Of course I love Wolverine. Not the real Wolverine of course, but the Hugh Jackman incarnation.

    Anyway, One Hot Australian Night sounds AWESOME and I can't wait to read it!

  6. All superheros, including the X-Men rock! Congrats on the release Liia! I already have a copy. :)

  7. I really dig your thought process for how you come up with character names! So much better than my opening a random page in my battered 'baby name book' and picking a name from that page.-lol-

  8. Liia,

    How delightful! The X-men is a fantastic series, and I love how you've taken the concept of 1-Night Stand and done something totally different.

  9. I love the X-men. Though Storm is my favorite. I cannot wait to read this book.