Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It’s All About Adapting...

by Starla Kaye

I’m a dreamer, a lover, and a romance writer. No, that isn’t part of some kind of admission in a 12-step program, just a statement of who I am. Being a writer isn’t a job for the faint hearted. This is serious sit-your-butt-down and write something stuff. This is coming up with characters, who become real people to you as you tell their story.

Should I mention that these “real” characters want to tell their story their way. Oh, I’ve done the serious outline thing where I knew each step through the plot line, knew each wall that would block their path, knew exactly how the characters would scale the wall or go around it, and how they would reach the pot of gold at the end of the road (reach their goal). Not pleasant experiences for me.

Like real people, characters take on a life of their own. My characters fought me every step of the way and I fought back. I’ve learned over the years to go with the flow, to not make them follow my plan for the plot to the letter. I’ve learned to try and guide them along the way. I’m often surprised by what they do or say. I’m enjoying story writing so much more now. I’m also taking a stab at writing in new romance sub-genres.

I have been writing and publishing romance and erotic romance in a number of sub-genres for twelve years. Most of my stories have been m/f, but I’m adapting, trying new things. I like challenges, couldn’t be a writer if I didn’t. My newest writing challenges have been dabbling with ménage a trois and now with my first published GLBT story.

In Starting Over I wanted to try my hand at writing a love story involving a man loving another man. As always, I wanted characters that have faced ups and downs in their lives, who have found happiness and lost it, only to be lucky enough to find it again. I enjoyed writing Maggie’s Secret Wish as part of the 1 Night Stand series and was interested in doing another book with Decadent Publishing and this series. Fortunately, I got another chance and here is Starting Over.

For this story I envisioned a man (Corbin) who has tried to fit into normal society all his life, battling back his interest in men, keeping them in his fantasies. He finally “comes out” and finds unconditional support in his ex-wife, parents, and siblings. He has come to terms with the true man inside him but is uncertain how to take the next step of actually dating another gay man.

In contrast, I wanted an experienced gay man (Matthieu) who has faced the challenges with leading that kind of life. I wanted a man who has loved and lost, and struggled with stepping back into the dating world to maybe someday find another lover.

Madame Evangeline worked her particular kind of matchmaking magic and brought these two heart-bruised men together.

My characters learned to adapt to the changes in their lives and lead me, the writer, along the path of their story. We only had an occasional moment of “I want you to do this” and “No, I don’t think so.”

Starting Over blurb:

A virgin gay man, Corbin is ready to ease into his new lifestyle, still, making the move scares him shitless. He’s spent years fantasizing about embracing his true self, but what possessed him to agree to a 1 NightStand? As he nears the long, lean man with shaggy, graying hair, a hard on pushing at the front of his swim trunks, and a sexy-as-hell grin, the dreams pale in comparison, and easing in takes on a whole new meaning.

Though tired of being lonely, Matt considers changing his mind about the one-night arrangement until a tall, well-built man strolls across the pool area toward him, then all thoughts of leaving flee. Those broad shoulders, the amazing pecs, the spattering of dark hair on his chest…all of it calls to Matt. He wants to touch it, play with it. He forces himself to calm down. Matt will be his date’s first male lover, and he intends to find the inner strength to take his time.

Intense physical attraction and Madame Eve’s magic ignite a sexual fire, but will it be enough for two men starting over?

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  1. oooo! cannot wait to read this one! lovely cover as usual too.

  2. That's another 1NS story on my TBR list! ;-)

  3. Oh....this sounds really good, Starla! Best of luck with your new book!

  4. Very nice, Starla. A compelling story. I'm not gay or a man but this makes me want to read it and root for these two.

  5. Thank all of you for commenting. Casea, I read and reviewed a lot of GLBT stories before I decided to tackle one for publication. I wanted to write these characters as more than being just gay men and it being just another gay romance. I wanted them to be characters a reader cared about whether they were male or female. They had difficult issues to deal with, like everyone else.

  6. What a great story. It is always a little scary to tackle a new challenge but it sounds like you have a great handle on the situation. Hope this is a fabulous new venture for you Starla.

  7. Sounds like another great 1NS story! I understand how challenging it can be trying to write in other subgenres as I've just started the same thing.

  8. Decadent has been wonderful to work with and I'm so glad Val and Kate pointed me in this direction. There are a lot of great books here and a lot of good authors too.

  9. I love a good romance :)

  10. Wow!!! This sounds like a wonderful love story - I just happened to read Allromance.com's newsletter and saw Decadent Publishing for the first time. I know - I was hidden under a rock --- LOL!!

    I will definitely buy some books from the 1NS Series. Sounds fantastic.