Sunday, October 23, 2011

Relieving Zoe's Virtue is here!

My 1NS story, RelievingZoe’s Virtue, is making its debut just in time for Halloween!

When my friend Casea encouraged me to write a short story for Decadent’s 1NS series, my first thought was I’d have to write something really erotic. But that new and unknown adventure held appeal, so I set out to pen a scorching hot fantasy romance. And I believe I succeeded. But I’ll be wicked and say you have to read the story to find out! 

I paired one human librarian with a Leanan Sidhe (fae) male who was looking for the love of his life, his One. However, Zoe, our heroine, merely wanted to lose her virginity without any ties to encumber her. She’d already had enough of loser boyfriends poaching on other women’s “pastures,” so a one-night stand set up by Madame Eve’s dating service seemed likely to satisfy all her desires. In fact, she didn’t care who she got as long as he was “out of this world.”

Boy, did she ever get her wish. If Sinnon weren’t so delectable, I would say she should be more careful with her wishes. As it is, I think she’s one very lucky young lady. Of course, Sinnon gives her a passion-filled night. But will he get his heart’s desire and will she discover hers in time? Again, you’ll have to read to find out!

After Zoe Cohen catches her boyfriend with another woman, she decides losing her virginity is just the solution to shake up her straight-laced life as librarian. Tired of waiting for Mr. Right, she’ll settle for Mr. Do Me Right Now. 

To achieve this end, she uses the exclusive dating service, 1Night Stand, to set up a rendezvous, but never expects her destination to take her to the fey Otherworld. Once she meets her match, Sinnon, a wickedly seductive Leanan Sidhe, she knows she’s in for an explosive experience. With a name and body for sin, he tempts her like no other. His touch commands her total surrender. But this night is on her terms, and the happy ending he desires may come at too high a price.

Zoe may lose her virginity, but will she forfeit her heart to Sinnon in the process?     


Eve Edwards loves to escape into the fantasy of penning a romance. She lives in Illinois with her husband, son, and Siamese cat. On most days, you’ll find her chained to her computer. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and exercising, but hates mowing the lawn. Stop by Eve’s blog and drop her a line at She loves to hear from readers.      

For your chance to win a copy of Relieving Zoe’s Virtue, leave a comment telling which paranormal or fantasy male (vampire, shifter, fae, etc., or even human!) you’d love to spend the night with.   Please leave your email address so if you’re the winner, I can contact you.  Good luck!


  1. Congratulations on the release! I am glad others will get a chance to read the wonderfully erotic characters of Sinnon and Zoe!

  2. Ooooh I'm dying to read this story.

  3. Alex O'Loughlin! I love love love him. LOL

    congrats on the release!

  4. Ooooo fantasy man? many possibilities but I guess if I had to pick just one, it would have to be Llyr, king of the faeries, from Angela Knight's Master of the Moon. He's just soooo delicious!

  5. I want a werewolf as they keep their bodies in shape and they can keep it up all night. Pun intended;)

    books4me67 at

  6. I'm kind of old fashioned--the vampire is fascinating to me. I love to have my neck bitten! LOL Don't enter me, though, Eve. Your book is already on my Kindle. :) Just want to read it more after your blurb! Congrats on your release!

  7. For me, its a warlock. There is something sexy about a male witch and the things that he could conjour up. Pun intended.

    I also like Fae men, too.

    Thanks for the contest.

  8. Thanks for the great comments, everyone. I love hearing what kind of male would grab your, ahem, attentions for a night;) All the puns made me laugh!

  9. LOL.. I have to agree with Diane on this one, give me a vamp with the looks of Alex O'Laughlin and I'm fair to speak. ;-)

    Sounds like a very fun read. got me interested in it, thats certain. Thanks for the blurb and contest.

    Picked by Poison

  10. sounds fab Casea. Another for the TBR list. Since I am utterly gone over the Black Dagger Bros right now (glares at Val) I'm gonna say: Vamps.

  11. Definitely a vampire, like the ones in lynsay sands books ( sorry if I'm not supposed to mention another author.) as they are nice, wicked, hot, and well built (in both sense of the word) all in one!

  12. Congrats! Fae are cool but my fav male would have to shifters. They have primal side to them and that's hot. Thanks for the chance.