Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Experience with Kidnappers…

By Lily McCormick

Are you laughing? Don’t. This is a serious matter—a serious crime! They should tar and feather my older brother, Shane (Surely, you’ve met him in Tempting a Cowboy). It’s all hisfault! Just because I had set him up with Madame Eve not so long ago and he couldn’t even be more appreciative over the fact that I had helped hook him up with Mia, our local town librarian (She’s pretty sassy, don’t let her quiet ‘good girl’ demeanor deceive you). If it weren’t for me, all he would know to do was cuddle up with his stupid software…or is it hardware? (I don’t remember. I think he named his computer after someone we knew…). Back to Shane…he’s just ungrateful!
Do you know how he repays me?
He kidnaps me against my will and shove me on a plane! A PLANE!
Here I am doing my chores on the ranch, going over the books, and he rushes in and literally ties me up and throws me on a plane with a suitcase! And do I know where I’m going? Of course not!
But there’s lots of snow…I’ve been kidnapped to winter wonderland hell!

So here are my tips just in case you end up in the same predicament as me.

1.                           Be sure to brush up on your karate and self-defense skills. You never know when you need them. My cowgirl boots can only do so much.
2.                          Always carry a can of mace. You never know who you’ll see. (Yes, I would mace my own brother if he pulled that crap on me again.)
3.                          Learn to play dead if you have to. Just go limp in your attacker’s hold, then escape when you have the chance.
4.                          Oh most importantly, SCREAM! That should scare them off if you can scream as loud as me…

If you have any other tips, please share!

Stubborn and proud cowgirl, Lily McCormick, is finally coming to terms with her quiet life on her parent’s ranch, until her older brother, as payback, signs her up for 1NightStand. Kidnapped and forced onto a plane to a foreign location, she faces the dreaded cold and an unwanted tryst, until her ex-husband appears before her…as her date.

New York City District Attorney, Rafe Martinez, would do anything to get his ex-wife back, even if it meant taking drastic measures to pretend he was there for another woman. When jealousy and rage surfaces and Lily’s tough demeanor wanes, desire and lust sparks their once powerful connection as truths unfold. Will Rafe convince her to return to him or push her further away from giving their love a second chance?


  1. I'll have to remember those tips. LOL Congrats on the release, Clarissa! :)

  2. Lol, thanks for the tips. I would mace my brother if he did that to me.

  3. Great tips - I'm especially going to remember the scream one - I can do that!

  4. Oh that one sounds like so much fun.

  5. I'd need chocolate syrup. That's all I'm saying. :P

  6. Too funny. I love it, even though it was an angst-filled moment. Personally, I'd love to get kidnapped. I could use a break. LOL.

  7. I actually think its funny and sweet that your brother cares. :)


  8. Hmmm kidnapping. I think I would have to find my brother and give him a few aches and pains. Even if it all turned out ok, I wouldn't want him to think that what he did was without consequences..lol