Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do You Still Believe in Santa?

by Cerise DeLand

OH. I do!

I have proof.

Every year when I was a child, a prayed for someone to love and love me back. Every year, I prayed for a calm, serene Christmas with laughing people in the house.
And today? I have that.
With a man whom I have loved dearly more and more each year. For 42 years, in fact!
So in Santa, Cutie (my newest release, in the Holiday anthology by Decadent), Susanna Corrigan believes in Santa so much she'll even go to chilly Alaska to have a 1Night Stand with a man meant for her!
And where did this idea come from?
Ever heard the song Santa, Baby sung by sexy contralto Eartha Kitt?
"Santa, Baby, I want a new convertible, too
That's blue..."
Sing it for your man!
ON to the story!


  1. I absolutely adore that cover!! And huge congrats on 42 years with your guy!!!!! I love that song. I love this blog. I love you.... so much love.
    Congrats on your release!!

  2. Barbara!!!! THANKS. THAT is a wonderful compliment from such a GREAT WRITER. Love your stuff, babe. Yeah, I dig Eartha Kitt. The voice, man, I mean how to purr like a velveteen cat, right?

  3. A wonderful cover! Congrats on your release! :)

  4. Velveteen cat is right - that voice is just amazing! There are some people who's voices are just magical - I think Bing Crosby is like that too. Something soothing about his.