Thursday, December 8, 2011

Unfinished Business

by Barbara Sheridan

I’ve loved the idea behind the 1NS series since I first heard of it, but I just wasn’t able to come up with an idea that “fit”.

Leave it to the wayward Muse to smack me in the head one day and point out the obvious—I had quite a lot of unfinished business with a trio of characters from a “free read” short story I did at the request of the lovely and vivacious Heather Bennett (Decadent Publishing’s Executive Editor and co-owner).

That short, Personal Business, was a multicultural historical set in 19th century Japan at a time when many foreign educators and businessmen were bringing modern ideas and innovations to the country as well as Japanese officials visiting places like the United States, France and England and seeing those ideas an innovations in practice.

It was these circumstances that brought together American Jennie with former samurai Hideo and brought Jennie’s old friend Charley into the picture. Being a short there wasn’t as much room to explore the trio getting acquainted *wink wink, nudge nudge* so I let the Muse lead the way with a bit of a New Age shove that has Jennie and her favorite men reincarnated in the present day and able to fully explore that Unfinished Business from before.

I hope you’ll enjoy Unfinished Business, the story of Kim, David and Jack, as they acknowledge the inexplicable emotional bond they share and take delight in exploring the physical joy they’ve only dreamed about.

The free short historical is still available free with any purchase from Decadent or by contacting me Barbara DOT SheridanAT yahoo Dot com

Unfinished Business excerpt:

Kim set the computer on the end table and buried her face in her hands. She pictured a multitude of deities staring down at her, mostly smirking. A threesome. She’d nearly overloaded her credit card for a night of three-way sex with two strange men. Please let me pull off this insane stunt and get my life back on track.

She was sure the deities laughed.

Taking a deep breath, Kim pulled herself together and got up. She headed to the guestroom. Jetlag was still biting her in the butt and she had enough time to take a quick nap before she had to head out to the Castillo Hotel complex on the outskirts of Tokyo. If anyone was to blame for this insane idea and even more insane acting on it, it was whoever had written that article in the new architectural trade magazine she’d subscribed to.

One look at the multi-page spread for the new hotel had opened some forbidden door in her psyche and made her infatuation over her two bosses kick into overdrive.

And she’d done so well in stomping the shit out of that infatuation over the two years she’d been working at D & K Associates. Hell, she’d put such a tight lid on the hots her bosses aroused in her, she should be on a list for sainthood somewhere.

Untucking her blouse, Kim let the soft silk glide down her arms and folded the garment over the back of the desk chair. She unzipped her knee length gabardine skirt and did the same. She sat on the edge of the bed and shook her head as she slid off her thigh high stockings and draped them on the bedside table.

The whole hots-for-the-bosses was so weird. Beyond weird. Her sister loved teasing about her inborn ultra-conservative streak and she’d never even so much as looked at another guy on those rare occasions she’d steadily dated. To be attracted to two men at once was like something out of leftfield.

Worse yet, it wasn’t just an attraction to their good looks or intelligence. An all-out lust wave hit her if she spent more than five minutes in their combined presence.

That made weekly staff meetings ever so much fun.


  1. Strange isn't it, that faced with a concept, it's sometimes hard to think of something that fits. We can come up with ideas for stories all the time but not when we're told you have to include these few details. But you did it! And it sounds great.

  2. The story sounds great and I love the cover. Congrats on the release.

  3. Wow, if weekly staff meetings were like that, I'd be anxious to go. :)

    Congrats on your release! :)