Friday, December 9, 2011

Almost Perfect!

Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me

by Jenna Jaxson

            The Christmas season is such a great time for reflection, for making peace, for giving thanks for what you have.  But what if what you have is not what you want? 

            Ask Pam Kimball, my heroine in Almost Perfect, what Christmas song described her best and I think she’d say Elvis Presley’s classic Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me.  This was my favorite Christmas song growing up.  I loved the up-beat, the catchy lyrics, and Elvis’s gorgeous voice crooning to me on a snowy night.

            As adults we’ve all wanted to sit on Santa’s lap and ask for that one perfect present.  This year, Pam’s request would the same one as Elvis’s.  She’d hem and haw about it, deny it to your face, but when she whispered her Christmas wish, it would be Roger she wanted to find underneath her Christmas tree—all tied up with a red bow and nothing else.  Bet she wouldn’t wait until Christmas morning to open her present either!

Recipe for an Almost Perfect Holiday:
Take    1 semi-deserted island paradise
Add     1 movie obsessed ex-wife
And     1 techno-geeky ex-husband

Sprinkle in some wild skinny-dipping
Top with a romantic dinner for two
And spice it all up with some hot sex on the beach

Yield:  One 1Night Stand you’ll never forget!


Pam pulled the bottle from her mouth and wiped her hand across her lips where she had dribbled some. She held the bottle out for Roger then noticed his slack-jawed gaze aimed straight at her chest. One hand held the Perrier, the other was at her side. Which meant…
“You still look fine, Pam. Mighty fine.” Her ex-husband’s grin reached almost ear to ear. If there wasn’t still some water left in the bottle she’d brain him with it.
He reached down and flipped off his sandals, then untied his drawstring, all the while gawking at her breasts. With one swift movement, he shucked his pants down and stepped out of them to reveal a hard tanned body, complete with a serious erection.
Pam had not seen that coming. Her mouth dropped open as the Perrier hit the sand. She stared at his fully aroused cock, a shiver of pure desire sparking through her before she dragged her eyes back up to his face. A low chuckle rumbled from deep in his chest. “A promise is a promise, Pam. You showed me yours.” He threw her one more impish grin and took off for the water. “You coming?”
Pam stared as he splashed in and dove under. His pale rounded butt flashed her before sliding under the waves. Her heart pounded and blood sang through her veins as it had not done in years. And there was a deep ache between her thighs that was pitifully familiar, though it too had lain dormant until now. It’s just been too long, that’s all. I’d feel twice this horny if that were my pirate out there. She fought to believe that was true.
Roger’s head broke the surface and he flipped his hair out of his face. “You coming?  The water’s great!” She didn’t move. “I promise not to bite.”
“But I might,” she muttered, and started for the water, afraid they had the makings of a real live Blue Lagoon here.


  1. Isn't it a pity we can't sit on Santa's lap and put in a request! Though I think my husband might have something to say about that.
    Almost Perfect sounds - completely perfect. Congratulations.

  2. Yay! Congratulations on your release. It's a great story.

  3. Congrats on the release and I love the premise of this book- love those geeky damn sexy

  4. An Open Book--Thanks so much! And yes, geeky can be awfully sexy sometimes. LOL

    Casea--Thank you for all your help with Almost Perfect! You are the perfect Crit Partner, no almost about it! :)

    Barbara--Yes indeed, a visit to Santa's lap would be nice as grown-ups--the present list might be shorter than when you were a child, but a whole lot more fun! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. The perfect recipe, Jenna! Congrats on the new release, it sounds like an awesome book! Can't wait to read it!

  6. Happy Release Day! So excited this book is finally out! :)

  7. I'm excited to read this one. All your stories have been fabulous!

  8. Jennifer--Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it and the holidays. :)

    Jessica--Thank you for the congrats and all your warm support. I truly appreciate it. :)

    Lindsay--Thank you, my friend for all your help and support with AP. Well, yours and Dakota's. LOL

    Brenda--I can't wait to see what you think of this one, Brenda! I hope it's your perfect holiday read. :)

  9. My husband wears his Santa hat every year for me :) Judging from your excerpt, I won't need a fire to stay warm while reading Almost Perfect!! Congratulations on your release.

  10. Congrats! Hope you are having a wonderful release day.

  11. Happy Release Day! I hope it's been great!

  12. Sheri--I notice you didn't mention where he wears the Santa hat! LOL Hope you enjoy Almost Perfect. Maybe your hubby will take his hat off and stay while you read. :)

    Lia--Thank you for the warm wishes! It has been a busy, but fantastic release day here at Decadent.

    Alexa--I couldn't do it every day, but once in a while is fantastic! Especailly here at Decadent. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    And thank you Valerie for letting me blog here on my release day and for having faith in my book. The perfect end to an "Almost Perfect" day!

  13. It's a very fun story and so creative. I loved how each of the two lovebirds forgave each other and redeemed themselves!