Friday, February 3, 2012

The Beauty and Romance of a Sunset

by C.R. Moss   

Sunsets. Viewing them is a simple pleasure of mine. The phenomena are such a beauty to behold and so varied in their coloring depending upon location, season, and atmospheric conditions. It’s due to living in Las Vegas that spurred on my love of sunsets. [See, it’s not all about the strip and gambling! ;)] I’ve seen some spectacular ones with gorgeous fiery reds, oranges, and yellows or amethyst and fuchsia to name a couple. This is a picture I took of a sunset near a place I used to live in.  

     In the summer of 2008 I went on my first cruise. We stopped at ports in Cozumel and Grand Cayman. It was so nice enjoying the beauty of the water, the beaches and the sunsets, especially since we live hours from an ocean beach in a desert area. One late afternoon we were hanging out on a patio just off one of the ship’s dining rooms and experienced a beautiful golden sunset. 

     Did you know that there is a little place called Hell on Grand Cayman? In Hell you’ll find a group of short, black, limestone formations roughly the size of half a soccer field. There are two viewing platforms for tourists since people aren’t allowed to traverse in the area. It’s claimed that the name derived from the fact that if a pebble is thrown out into the formation, it echoes amongst the limestone peaks and valleys and sounds as if the pebble is falling all the way down to hell. But I digress… We spent the bulk of our time on Seven Mile beach and had food and drinks at a little bar/restaurant. The open air, pub-style beach bar reminded me of a Southern-style wraparound porch except this place had a tin roof. 
The experience of the cruise and visiting Grand Cayman inspired me to write a few stories, including my first Decadent Publishing 1NS release Sunset Desires.  
Sunset Desires ~ A blind date. A hot tropical evening. She’ll be someone he can’t forget. He’ll fulfill her ultimate fantasy.

 Back to Las Vegas… I love setting stories in the city, not just because I live here but also because, like sunsets, it’s such a diverse place—lots to do and see on the strip and off. My next sunset story, Sunset Seduction, takes place in a hotel room in Las Vegas. The characters have a view of the city and mountains and both take note of the setting sun. I describe the sunset’s colors as the sun settles and dips behind the western range, setting the scene for romance. And, the cover—done in the spirit of the story, sunsets and the exciting city of Las Vegas—is hot!

Sunset Seduction ~ One evening. One date. Easy right?

 Aside from my love of sunsets, there’s another reason ‘sunset’ is used in the titles for the stories I’m writing, but you’ll have to read them to find out what it is. ;)

**To celebrate the release of Sunset Desires, I’m giving away a signed cover flat. The picture is signed by me and cover model Jimmy Thomas! To have a chance to win this prize, all you need to do is comment on this post and leave your name and email. I will choose a winner on Monday, February 6 after 6PM PST and email the winner to discuss details. International respondents are welcome too!**

     Find out more about the sunset series and C.R. Moss here:
     Happy Reading!
     C.R. Moss


  1. That is such a beautiful cover! Congrats on your new release! :)

    jessicasubject.writer at gmail dot com

  2. Congrats! This is a really nice story and I know readers will love it!

  3. Such pretty pictures! It's nice when something so simple can make you happy AND fuel the muse!

  4. Wow. Sunsets are a fantastic way to tie your stories together. Congrats on the release and thanks for sharing some lovely pictures as well.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Jessica, Kate, Valerie & Arlene and for your lovely comments! I'll have more pics and share my comments on them on my blog tomorrow. :)

  6. woo hoo! I love me some Vegas stories too! well done dear, congrats on the release! here are to many sales.

  7. Congrats! I know they will do well. Funny how places like this conjure up stories within us.

  8. Thanks for stopping by and the congrats, Jamie!

  9. What beautiful photos. Great cover. You can't go wrong with Jimmy on it. That's a great way to tie your stories together.


  10. I have never been to Vegas! I'm a fan of sunsets. My hubby is a morning person--a fan of sunrises, all full of hope and promise of the new day. Me...I'm not a morning person. I also like the complexity of sunsets. They're so much more bittersweet. I believe in what the night offers. Love your sunset theme.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  11. Gorgeous photos - they make me sigh "ahhh" just looking at them. Congrats on your 1NS release!

  12. Joanne, Catherine and Cate ~ Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving the lovely comments. They're much appreciated!
    Congrats to Catherine Lee whose name was drawn in my contest.
    Catherine, I've sent you an email.