Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Giving Yourself Over

by Sascha Illyvich

How easily are you tempted?  Are you one who understands the pain/pleasure concept that speakers like Anthony Robbins apply to humanity?  Did you ever stop to think about that in a sexual context? 

Livia, in my 1Night Stand - Surrender to Love hasn't, at least not until her therapist suggests she learn to find control from within.  As an artist, she must learn to look outside her inner world of fear and agoraphobic behavior to find more beauty and inspiration.  The human being can only live vicariously for so long before life becomes boring and routine.  Livia must learn like many of us that through denial, we cause ourselves pain but if we're willing to go the extra mile and push past what seems like pain, we can find immense pleasure.  Trust is the key issue in this story, as is the exploration of true freedom.  Imagine being tied down with only words that would be obeyed.  Being spread open and kissed by your lover as he has you tied down and only your words and responses can control the situation. 

This is the position Livia finds herself in after arranging to meet with someone using 1Night Stand.  But her partner holds a secret too. 

In order to cure the dreaded creative rut she’s in, Livia ends up in Las Vegas by suggestion from her therapist.  Oh and there’s a catch.  Livia ‘s been set up to have a one night stand with a very handsome man who promises her freedom through submission.  Can she surrender to more than just passion? 

I based this story on a real life heroine who is near and dear to my heart.  Her presence made writing the story easier because I merely had to think about being in her shoes.  Online and off, I'm such an enormous presence that sometimes I forget what it's like to be who I used to be.  Shy, far from outgoing and in short, very reclusive.  By my very nature as the Bad Boy of Romance, I place trust where it's needed, have fun as required, and flirt often.  There's usually a large dose of drinking involved to help loosen tensions of meeting new people.

Livia only has a few drinks to start with, and then she goes to bed.  One of the rare times when I wrote a character who didn't drink like I do, modifying the character to meet the needs of the story became a breeze.  The culture shock from Colorado to Las Vegas swam around her head until Bruce stepped into the picture and, just like a larger than life God, offered her a choice.  A very sensual choice.

Just like The Playground, the previous 1Night Stand I wrote, the reader is promised one hell of a sexy read. 

Sascha Illyvich


  1. fantastic and creative Sascha well done and congrats on the new release!

  2. I think most of us have that shy side sometimes, and that part of me totally identified with your heroine!

  3. I can totally relate to the heroines shy side. A fantastic premise! Congratulations on this release! :)

  4. Jessica, Kate and Liz, thank you! Yeah, when my blood sugar is low (read I need a drink!) I get really shy and reclusive. But this was for women who want to take a chance to empower themselves in a scary situation, despite the safe words. Bruce is the sort of hero a woman needs to help her embrace her true power, even if she's restrained with silk in a lush Vegas hotel room wearing barely anything...

  5. Sounds like a great addition to the 1NS series!!