Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Great to be Back!

by Wendy Burke
It’s been awhile since my first 1NS blog and I’m tickled pink to be back, because that means my second1NS story Haste Ye Back is nearly ready to be released.
My first encounter with Madame Eve produced The One He Chose. I thought it was a dear little story, little did I know how it would be received—5 stars from ManicReaders, 5 cherries from Whipped Cream reviews, 5 kisses from TwoLips, and a ‘Rose That Rules All’ from Romancing the Book Reviews. 

Knock me over with a feather! Wow! Who knew! Hopefully, my latest HYB story will be met with the same excitement by reviewers.
Haste Ye Back was born on the banks of Loch Lomond one fairly sunny afternoon in July 2007. It was christened by way of a dinner toast by my Scottish penpal’s mum. I hated to dump more than 20,000 words into my ‘maybe-in-another-book’ file, but it was the only way Bryn and Ian’s story was going to get told.

Fellow Decadent Publishing author, Deanna Wadsworth, pretty much was the instigator who told me I had to dump those words. She knew HYB would be the perfect follow-up to her story Accidentally Beautiful. If you haven’t noticed, Deanna and I are doing six 1NS stories, three each, with over-lapping characters. While the stories stand on their own, if you read each of them in sequence, you get an idea of how all these people know one another.
Decadent artist Dara England put a hot guy in a kilt on the cover! Who wouldn’t like that?
Fellow Maumee Valley Romance Writer of America member, Katelynn Phillips did an outstanding job with the trailer! It’ll give you a little taste of what the story is about.
In the meantime, here’s a little tease from the story itself:

Ian didn’t deny his immediate attraction to Bryn, and he couldn’t help think she felt the same—throughout their conversation she was gregarious and affectionate, her hand touched his arm, rested on his knee, and during something particularly amusing, playfully slapped his thigh, then lingered there, fingers dancing dangerously toward his inseam.
Maybe Martin and Garret had been right—this “service” was more than that. Spot on with their description of Madame Eve, even without the massive amount of pounds he’d laid out for this “arrangement,” obviously the proprietor had some sort of mental extension into the past and present to bring him someone with whom he had an immediate connection, and responded to him in the same manner. Like Eve had reached back into their collective conscious and recreated some long, lost love and relationship.
Despite the obvious closeness, easy and entertaining conversation with Bryn, still he was surprised when less than two hours into their meeting she leaned into him, her lips dragging over his ear when she whispered, “Uh, I hate to be blunt, Ian, but if I don’t get my mouth around your dick—and soon—I think I’m gonna die.”

And, yes, I’m going to admit it, Haste Ye Back is a bit more blunt—okay RAW—than The One He Chose. (Deanna WHOOPED about that, she’s now waiting for me to ‘go to the dark side’ and write m/m! But I have a few too many m/f story lines running around in my head that need attention first—but thanks for the vote of confidence DW!)

So, please enjoy Haste Ye Back. I believe a return trip to Scotland is necessary to get a possible sequel just right!

And, if you haven’t read The One He Chose, I’d like to give you a copy. Comment below—one person will win!

HASTE YE BACK is Wendy’s third book on the Decadent Publishing shelves. She’s in the process of writing 274 more which she hopes DP will be interested in! Find her on Facebook, Twitter and lurking about the internet. You could send her a nasty email: wendyburke1994@bex.net. When not playing with the people in her head, she has silly life with her way-too-cute chef husband and two furry feline kids in the Great Lakes area of the Midwest.

So, I hold my Scottish family responsible for this story--in a good way, of course.  I'm honored for all those years of friendship, finally being able to meet them, hug them, and enjoy their company. I'm sincerely hoping to Haste Ye Back soon! 


  1. Hi Wendy,
    LOVE the covers of both books, they are gorgeous and the excerpt was wonderful. i can hardly wait to get my hands on the books and start reading! i'll make sure i get Deanna's too so that i get the full picture. :D
    i love the 1Nstand series and although i have not read your book yet i am now putting it at the top of my TBBN (to be bought next) list, so i hope to read it soon.

    thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway and enjoy the rest of your week.

    tammy ramey

    1. Oh good luck, Tammy! You will loooove the way Wendy weaves a tale, she is such a poetic writer! Good luck in the contest!