Monday, June 11, 2012

Follow Ups to Original 1NS Stories?

by: Kali Willows

My very first 1NS story was a contemporary, erotic romance called Designing Passion. This story takes place in a romantic Spanish Castle resort with some serious steam between the hero and heroine. There’s a masque, a beach and a surprise—or two.
Reviews for Designing Passion, have been wonderful! Review sites and readers alike have asked the same question; “I would like to know what happened on the best friend, Laura’s, 1NS date!”

To acknowledge the importance Laura played as a secondary character with her own romantic challenges, my muse obliged and a second story for Laura evolved from it! I won’t reveal too much, because I haven’t submitted it to Decadent yet (still editing), in the near future, I will be blogging about Tantric Storm.

This inspiration expanded into even more writing ideas. My five 1NS stories are being re-released in a print Anthology (COMING SOON) called: Shadowed Desires. The stories are all very different, but again, are tied together by the common thread of Madame Evangeline, her gift of match making and the 1Night Stand service.
So my question to you is; if Laura has her own story now, should any characters from my other 1NS’s get their own too? My muse thinks half of the smokin’ hot twin sensation and best friend in Double Dragon Seduction should! In fact, she’s already done a brief outline of the plot!

There have even been rumblings of another character in Designing Passion deserving his own romantic intervention, Alejandro was adored by readers, and even makes another appearance in Tantric Storm!

I would love to hear (or read) your thoughts on the 1NS stand alone stories with follow up stories for secondary characters! Do you want more?
Please leave a comment and a winner will be chosen. The winner will receive a book of their choice from the Decadent Publishing website.

Happy Reading!
Kali Willows


  1. I haven'tread one of your 1NS books yet. I do have Double Dragon Seduction on my Kindle. I just haven't read it yet and that needs to be rectified! I will go check out your other 1NS -Designing Passion sounds fantastic!

    1. Hi Tamaria! I hope you enjoy them both! Don't be shy and send your thoughts after you've read them!

      Happy reading,

  2. I'm always for secondary characters getting their chance to shine!!!!!!!

    1. You have a few that could use their own happy ending, don't you Hales? :-P

  3. Yes, I think secondary characters should have some fun too. :)

  4. I love when secondary characters get their own stories.Especially when they steal the scene they're in.So I say more,more ,more :)

  5. Absolutely! I love when secondary characters get their own story! Everyone deserves a little fun and romance. More is always better, right?!?
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  6. @VS Morgan, I couldn't agree more! lol

    @elaing8, that's what sparked the story lol, although Alejandro most definately stole the scene in Designing Passion, he takes the cake in Tantric Storm, so.... Yes, you're absolutely right! lol

    @Mel Bourn, More, more, more!!!! The challenge is, I enjoy writing all my characters so much, a single title story could easily turn into a 12 part series lol.

    Thanks for the replies folks. I will announce a winner sometime tomorrow, giving folks a little more time to weigh in.

  7. Hi Kali,
    i think that every secondary character should get there own HEA. afterall they do put up with a lot in the first book in order to make sure their friend or loved one gets theirs. Besides who doesn't love a series? LOL!

    tammy ramey

  8. I think it's great when secondary characters get their own stories. A lot of times, they have more to say than they get the chance to.


  9. Though I normally like the primary characters, many of those secondary characters steal my heart and I just want more of them! I say, Yeah to the secondary characters!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  10. I'm a sucker for continuing a story line from secondary characters points of view and HAVE to read all the titles that are written. With 2 readers (duh, different formats!!) and the purchase of favourites in print, my Dad asked why I had to go to the library as well. Sooo silly!!

  11. @Tammy Ramey, you're so right, they do put up with alot! lol

    @Joanne, I agree, it's often the secondary characters with pearls of wisdom to finding happiness, and we rarely consider theirs!

    @booklover0226, my secondary characters steal my heart when i'm writing them too! I put just as mush into their character development as I do the primaries. I find if we don't, they're so two dimentional, then what would be the point?

    @ladyraven, it sounds as though you fight the eternal fight to keep up with reading everything you can! Good for you :-) That's what keeps authors inspired!

  12. Thanks to all for your wonderful comments, sounds like my muse is on the right track!

    It's always difficult to choose a winner, because if I could, I would choose all of you!

    So, the winner is......

    Tammy Ramey!!! Congratualations, I will contact you via email and you can choose your prize!

    Happy reading to all