Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back in the Blog Saddle!

by Mahalia Levey

I’m so excited to be back on the 1NS Blog again. Once you begin writing for this series it’s hard to stop. I have so many ideas plotted that I can barely keep up with writing the current one, in favor of starting the new idea. The loss of my hard drive a few months ago delayed my progress in writing period. While on hiatus, I did nothing but read and write a bit on paper.

In Burn Me if You Can, I took a trip to the exotic Caribbean and disappeared into the exotic culture, cerulean blue waters and white sand beaches…where anything is possible. I enjoyed the pulsating atmosphere both romantic and seductive. Having a place where two strangers could enjoy each other’s company without the stressors of conventional dating.

Working for the Wichita Tribune is the best thing that's ever happened to Rebekah Shayne, until she takes an assignment aimed to take down a prestigious matchmaking firm. She’s determined to ferret out the falsities, schemes, and swindling companies manipulating lonely souls.

Ashton Foster doesn't believe in on line dating. When his mother takes charge of his personal life, he knows it’s useless to fight her and would rather go through a few dates with strangers than let her push the unending stream of locals down his throat vying for his pocketbook. In this he finds the perfect opportunity to downplay who he is and become a regular type of guy.  
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After I wrote Burn Me If You Can, I wanted to dip into the paranormal and found my love for a sweet heroine and hunky fallen angel. I wanted to tell a story where anything is possible, even to those who’ve lost hope that there is something better in store for them.

Dancing isn’t easy. Four nights a week Caileigh disappears into the persona of ‘Autumn’ to make a decent buck. The foster care system didn’t prepare her for what happens after turning twenty-one. Armed with only a high school diploma and forty bucks, she’s thrust on the hard cold streets, where she takes the only job a young girl with no prospects can get. Selling small pieces of herself to strangers isn’t the life she wishes for. Deep down she aches for a better life.

A scant piece of paper gives Orias the name of a seedy business and a photograph to keep vigil over his newest target. To find such beauty among the dredges of society wrecks every ounce of intelligence he possesses. For once, despite his being fallen, Orias thinks to disobey a direct order—never touch the protected. The way she moves on stage entrances him, but the sadness hidden underneath a facade of sexual promise makes him want to battle all her demons. Underneath his dark soul, he craves her light and the warmth of love. Will Fate allow them a life together?
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That brings me to what I’m working on now!!!!!!
Have you ever had friends in your life that have horrible dating habits? I not only have one…I have two friends who make me feel so glad I’m not in the dating world anymore. One of my girlfriends is what I call a serial cyber dater. She belongs to multiple online dating sites and goes on the quick ten minute dates at coffee shops. She’s the type of friend who has  an ‘inside boyfriend’. I use this term in the story I’m writing because when I found out what it meant, I was dying laughing!

An inside BF or GF is a person you only date from Nov to March. Most dates occur inside and this person is great for cuddling and short term sex with minimal commitment. You do not consider this person in any shape or form a keeper and once spring hits they must go. Make a clean cut and move on better prospects. Yep…this person’s sole reason for being is so that a person isn’t lonely during the cold winter months. Hits dislike button

My other best friend is a constantly-looking-for-better. He is good for the time being and he treats her well, but she’s on the move for someone either on the same financial level as she is or higher. She doesn’t give anybody a chance if she makes more money than they do, doesn’t matter if they are in a union with a good job.  The issue with my best friend's insane way of dating is that guys aren’t stupid. They can smell a gold digger a mile away. She has insane standards of dating that boggle my mind.

These two lovely ladies in my life have given me the perfect opportunity to make a heroine that needs to take a step back and re-evaluate why they’re both still single.

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  1. I like the labels you've created for these dating styles. LOL

    All the best, Hales!

  2. Oooh, me, me! I have friends who make bad dating decisions! Totally get all the ideas coming!

  3. These stories sound like so much fun!

  4. The bad-daters sound like great writing material! Can't wait to read!

  5. Now that is a perfect story idea Hales!! You will have yet another best seller on your hands because there are way too many out there that do those same things as your friends. Can't wait to read this one !!

  6. I have a friend who got married young, was married for 10 years and then he cheated. She went a little dating crazy after their relationship ended in divorce. It's like she is magnet for these men that are just ridiculous. They seem okay at first, but then they end up being crazy.
    I have another friend who only seems to date unavailable men. Married ones or ones who have girlfriends. I don't get it. It's funny that you are using them as inspiration for stories because 1 of the above friends is actually thinking about making her daring life into a book or several. Lol. I am so happy that I am not in that dating pool anymore. :)
    These both sound like amazing stories! I will be adding them to my TBR. ;)
    Trb0917 at gmail.com

  7. Thanks ladies and TB you're the winner!

  8. Thanks Hales and Mahalia!!! :)