Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get Shamrocked!

Yes, I'm sure y'all remember Devlin. he's the crass Irish charmer who helped Shaun Bell out on his 1Night Stand by packing him up a few surprises in his overnight bag in the HUGE bestseller SWEET IRISH KISS. Surprises both he and Rachel were grateful for. And now you can have all of him because he's back! With his toy box and a 1Night Stand of his own.

Set in Nottinghill, London and the now infamous Bell's Irish Pub in Soho, London.

Bell's Irish Pub is open for business, and Devlin Kinney is serving up one tasty treat.


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Devlin Kinney is focused on his Irish Rock band, Shamrocked. Between that and tending bar at Bell’s Irish Pub, he’s rushed off his feet. Still, he’s envious of Shaun who found his perfect woman through Madame Eve’s exclusive agency, 1Night Stand. Pushed for time, he follows his friend’s lead and hopes to be matched with a woman ballsy enough to share in his fetish for things that go buzzzz.
At the event of the year for soap stars, Elizabeth Grant meets Devlin and mistakes him for her soon-to-be The EastEnd co-star. Before she has a chance to confess she’s not his 1Night Stand as he seems to think, the silver-tongued smooth dancer proves irresistible. He seems perfect…for one night of pleasure. She’s ready to play the role of her
Will his Irish charm and toys be enough to hold onto his leading lady, or will his heart be shamrocked into next week?

   “What does a bloke have ta do ta get a Guinness around here?” Devlin drummed his fingers on the bar of Bell’s Irish Pub and glared at the staff, hoping to guilt them into serving him.
   Tap. Tap. Tap.
   Sandra, the barmaid, had her head buried in a book. Shaun, his boss and longtime best friend, engaged in a hushed conversation with his girlfriend at the end of the bar. Lots of giggles. Close whispering. Kisses on the cheek. Hand on cock. Arse grabbing. That sort of thing. And all in plain view of anyone who might happen to glance in their direction. Devlin might have offered to join in if he’d been in his usual cheeky state of mind, but their cuteness reminded him of his own romantic failings and his reason for leaving Northern Ireland three months before.
   His stomach churned.
   He needed that drink.
   “Erm, hello? Do I have ta serve meself on me night off?”
Tap. Tap. Tap.
   “With you in a minute, treacle.” Sandra, without tearing her glare from her story, waved him to wait. “Just let me finish this page.”
   “Holy show.” He sighed then hoisted himself over the counter with ease, his loose, faded jeans and white shirt giving him plenty of room to maneuver his limber body. Each suave movement. Each intense glance. All choreographed. He’d deny it if anyone pulled him up on it, but he’d put a lot of effort into perfecting his smolder. He’d even taken dance lessons so he had full ammo at hand to whisk any woman off her feet and into his bed. He was equally talented at ditching them at the slighted sniff of commitment…of a second date. Irish charm all the way.
   Devlin eyed his co-worker, lost in a romance novel. To annoy her, he powered up the TV mounted high above the bar and whizzed it up full volume. Channel flicking followed. He stopped on a toothpaste advert to admire a lass with blonde hair down to her ass.
Sandra glanced over her book. “Isn’t she the actress from…oh…what’s that movie called? The Brit chick flick about the famous actress who falls in love with a coffee shop owner?”
   “No idea, but she is a girl I could take home ta meet me ma and pa. What a killer smile.” He put his hand to his forehead and faked a swoon. “Who am I kidding? Could ya see me taking a girl ta meet the folks? I think not. Ta meet me toy box, sure. But not the family. Oh, the things I’d do ta her—”
   “Snap your crass tongue back in, Devlin.”
   “The cockney calling me crass? Ha! Besides, ya can’t beat a guy up for telling it how it is, so you can’t.”

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  1. Oo My favourite 1NS book is so hard there are so many good ones and i still have only read about twenty of them but my fave so far would be WANT by Ann Mayburn. This is my fave because it is a M/M which is a genre i adore and it is just so well written that you want to stay with the characters for ever. Which was why i was ecstatic there was a sequel

  2. Ann's books are amazing, and I adore her work! SWEET choice ;)
    I gotta say, it took me ages to finally decide which was my favorite 1NS book...because I love so many of them. But I decided on Valerie Mann's To Feel Again. It was my first 1NS book. And that's where my love affair with this awesome series began. So it only feels right that it's my favorite. Plus, I love how Madame Eve has a starring role in this one!!
    Psst. Over on my blog, I'm giving away a kindle fire or nook tablet. I hope you'll stop by and enter xx

  3. I love all of the 1NS that I have read! There are so many. I am still trying to catch up on the ones I haven't read yet. One of the first that I read was Wendy Burke's Haste Ye Back. I still love that one.

    I have Sweet Irish Kisses and Shamrocked. ... Just waiting for the kiddos to leave me alone long enough to read.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. I'm yet to read Haste Ye Back but it's on my to-read list!! I'm tellin' ya, this 1NS is breaking my to-read list LOL
      Thanks for entering, Mel and I do hope you enjoy the tasty treats Bell's Irish Pub has to offer ;)

  4. Best wishes, JoAnne! Sweet Irish Kiss was yummy. Looking forward to Devlin's story! Great title, great cover, great excerpt!

    1. Thanks, Taryn!! That means a lot to me xxx

  5. thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. there are so many of them and they are all wonderful that i'm not sure i have a "favorite". i do look forward to reading this one as i have already read the 1st book several times now. another i look forward to is Double Dragon. they both look like wonderful stories.

    tammy ramey

  6. Hi Tammy! Love that you're re-reading Sweet Irish Kiss!! Best compliment you can ever give an author IMO ;)
    Thank you x

    OMG Double Dragon looks exciting, doesn't it? And It's by Kali Willows...who blogs with me over on the Para Posse blogspot . She's awesome!!

  7. Don't forget...if you want to enter the contest please fill in the rafflecopter form so your entry can be counted. AND if by any chance you can't see the rafflecopter, simply add your email address in your comment so I can see your intent to enter-- that way I can manually add your entry into the rafflecopter myself.

  8. http://britauthor.blogspot.com -- I'm giving away a kindle fire or a nook tablet! Come on over and get SHAMROCKED with me ;)

  9. My favorite 1NS book is The One He Chose by Wendy Burke. The story revolves around a woman whose husband died a year ago and she finds out he left her a surprise vacation. Even after his death, her husband is trying to take care of her and find someone who can help her live life and be happy again.


  10. Awesome choices...I love that y'all are as passionate about this series as the writers are! 1NS stories are da bomb. Thanks Kate, Val, and Olivia, for creating Madame Eve's matching making service. Without your vision for this series, my eReader would be hungry! LOL