Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bunny interviews Paige from Sudden Breakaway

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Bunny. I’m a demon and I’m here today on the 1NS blog to do my monthly character chat. This month, I’m chatting with a sexy recruiter, Paige, from Sudden Breakaway.

Hello, Bunny. Thanks for having me today. *straightens the back of her skirt and sits on the stool opposite Bunny*

I have to tell you we have a lot in common. I too recruit. Of course it’s a different kind of recruiting, but I feel this connection. *snaps fingers and changes into a Space Service uniform* That’s better. As I was saying, I feel this bond. We are both after souls. She’s gathering a few good men and women for a space station and I collect for...well that’s for another day. Needless to say, it’s hard work. Very h-a-r-d at times. *Gives Paige a pointed stare*

Now, I’ve stalked my share of candidates, and I’ll have to tell you I’ve put some serious mileage on the stilettos.  But sometimes you get lucky and stumble onto them. For instance, I was in the DMV the other day, getting my license renewed. The lady at the counter snapped my picture and I have to tell you, anyone that can make me look bad, has some serious talent. I was all for signing her, then I realized she looked familiar, I mean, I see a lot of different faces in my line of business, but something about her just rang a bell. Then I remembered. She was one of my first souls.

It’s awesome to see your recruits excelling.

You have no idea how many people will sell their soul for a decent driver’s license picture. The chick has quite the racket and damn, she knows how to work it. I almost had to sell my non-existent soul to get a redo. Of course I can be real persuasive and convinced her there were worse places to work than the DMV. *Holds up driver’s license* She can take a good picture if you twist her arm a little. *Blows on nails* Pressure points do the trick every time.

Oh where was I? Yes, the interview. Today on 1NS I’m talking with the lovely Paige Brown.  *Eyes the sexy brunette across from her.* Great suit. Where do you shop?

I don’t, really. The Space Service mandates everything we wear. *rolls eyes* And like I have time to go shopping anyway, always travelling across the country to find fresh meat to sign their life away. Your outfit is very cute though. I only wish our outfits looked more like yours.

Me? This little old thing? I stole it off one of the women on the Space Station. It looks better on me anyway.

Give us an idea of the average day of a Space Service recruiter.

On my research days, I scan the multitude of files about the man or woman I’m scheduled to recruit. I’m always catching the first flights available in the morning, so I can scope out the possible recruits neighborhood, make sure there is no information that the Space Service missed, and then in the afternoon, I go in for the kill, wining and dining the prospect until they agree. I may be there for a couple of days, or weeks, if that’s what it takes. As soon as the contract is signed, I fly back home, send in my report, and get a good night of sleep, knowing that in the morning someone else’s files will be waiting for me.

Have you ever been on the station? If not, why?

No. I was supposed to. But the portal was destroyed in an attempt to prevent terrorists from getting hold of the technology. A new one is being constructed at the moment to transport all the new recruits there, but I’m in no hurry to see it finished. My good-for-nothing ex-husband is up on the space station with his new fling, and I have no desire to ever see him again, or to meet her.

How many souls have you taken? I mean, how many men and women have you recruited?  I myself, have at least a legion under my belt, give or take a thousand.

Ha ha. A great comparison, really. If only I’d known what I was signing up for the day my husband and I joined the Space Service. I’ve recruited many, but only twenty have made it through training.

What qualities do you look for in candidates?

Intelligence, of course. They must be able to suspend disbelief. There are aliens out there, and anyone traveling to the space station will meet all kinds. And following orders is a must. This is where most fail.

Why a 1Night Stand? What made you apply to Madame Eve’s service?
I had a day off, which is rare. And belonging to the Space Service does not give me much time to date. I wanted to bypass the getting-to-know one another stage and get right to the main course. I heard through whispered rumors about 1Night Stand, and thought I’d give it a try.

Madame Eve has an extensive questionnaire. Can you tell me the “must possess skills” you asked for your match to have?

I kept thinking about my last prospect as I filled out the form. He turned down my offer, but I couldn’t get him out of my head.

When Jared Barnes opened the door and you noticed he was your date, what was your first  thought? Be honest. I can tell if you’re lying. *Wags finger at Paige*

I was ready to jump him right there. But the angry look on his face held me back. I mean, I couldn’t believe Madame Eve matched me up with the guy I’d been fantasizing about since I first opened his file.

So, a hockey game. Tell me, did you even watch it or were you too busy playing in the penalty box? Get it, penalty—box? *frowns* Okay, trying to lighten the mood in here. I’ll stay away from the euphemisms. Sheesh.

I think we saw a couple seconds here and there. It took him a few minutes to realize I wasn’t trying to use the game as another means to recruit him. Let’s just say, we never felt the cold in the arena, and the first goal was exhilarating.

Now the question on everyone’s mind. How does that tall dark drink of water look naked? *Leans closer* Okay, maybe not on everyone’s mind, but I’ve been looking at his profile shot and damn, girl. Score! You put the puck in the goal there. I think I want to go where you’ve been recruiting.

He’s damn fine, everything I’d fantasized about, and more. Solid muscle.

So, is there any truth in the correlation of boot size to er, you know? Too personal? Please, I’m keeping this on low simmer. Trust me. You really don’t want me to turn up the heat.

Let’s just say, I will never be complaining about his size.
Okay, now for the quickies. You do, do quickies, don’t you? Splendid. *Claps hands together*

How tall does he have to be to get on the ride?

Taller than me.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate, of course.

Boxers or briefs?

I’m not picky as long as they come off quickly.

Beer or champagne?

Whatever is offered.

Mustache or clean-shaven?

Clean-shaven, though I don’t mind a little stubble now and again.

Skin art or unaltered canvas?

I’m not picky there
Does size matter?


Have you sold your soul yet?

Yes, when I signed with the Space Service.

Oops, sorry. I get a little carried away sometimes. Thanks for stopping by and giving us the scoop on your date. I understand you have a tell-all book out about your night called, Sudden Breakaway. You can buy Sudden Breakaway HERE

Okay, keep your eyes open next month when I interview a hot marketing guy with eyes only for his boss, or is it the other way around?
Ciao, lovelies!

Dressed in her black designer suit, Paige Brown recruits men and women for the Space Service. After the end of her marriage, and several failed recruiting missions, she yearns to find a way out of her lifelong contract to live a normal life. To find love again.

Jared Barnes’s life had been flipped upside down by two little kids. When his former Commander’s wife shows up to give him a reprieve, he jumps at the chance for a break, and to visit his former squad. But it is not his buddies he meets in the private suite at the hockey game, instead a woman who has been the star of all of his recent fantasies.

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Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.


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