Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not Dead Yet


by Maureen O. Betita
I am proud to announce that I am not dead yet. Nor are the millions of people of a certain age (ACA-ers) who are traveling, dancing, taking cruise, going to movies, writing, reading... And perhaps, maybe, I think…the world of media is figuring it out.

My evidence?

Firstly, NCIS had a storyline last season featuring the main character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs in a relationship with a woman. His. Own. Age. Whoop! Playing this smart, sassy and magnificently intelligent woman was Jamie Lee Curtis. These two people were HOT!

Secondly, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel came out on the big screen, showing multiple ACA-ers going on an adventure, seeking romance and at the end the characters of Evelyn and Douglas were speeding off on a moped through the streets of India, her arms wrapped sweetly about his waist.
Thirdly, Hope Springs. I think of this movie as the next logical step from Crazy, Stupid Love. Realistic, thought-provoking and staring the wondrous Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, Hope Springs isn’t a comedy, despite the commercials. It’s awkward, it’s quiet, it’s authentic.

Want one more proof of the emerging belief that life doesn’t end somewhere in the mid-forties? Check out my 1 Night Stand story, Something Different.
“…We women, we know the truth of love and the human heart. He will mourn me, dearest Evengeline. But as this illness steals my time with him, I want to leave him with hope. This dating service you run…when you feel he is ready, find him a woman, Eve. Find him someone different so that he doesn’t look for me in her eyes.
Show him my letter, so that he knows I want this for him with all my heart. Our children will follow your lead. He will resist, but be firm. Use all you know to bring love back into his life.
My days are numbered, the drugs ease my pain. Help my Aaron to heal from his.
Yours in spirit, Maria Consuelo Castillo”

Aàron read the letter and slid into the chair at the family meeting. With a shudder, he met his son’s eyes and sighed. They all watched him, waiting. She wanted this? His beloved wife, gone three years? It was a useless gesture, but he wouldn’t deny the attempt. One date, to satisfy Maria. But that was all. He swore it.

Sail into the sunset as an old world gentleman finds himself charmed by a Californian upstart, challenged to open his heart and take a chance with a new love.

Have you noticed an increase in the ACA-ers showing up on television and the movies? I’m keeping track, quite excited about these sightings! Have you any to share?

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