Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 by JoAnne Kenrick

Hello, lovelies.

Can you believe it? We're almost through with September already. How did that happen? Last I recall, I had just submitted the forth Irish Kisses book and was taking the week away from writing so I could spend the rest of the summer holidays with my children. Time flies when you're having fun, eh? Since then, I've started a couple of new projects and received the cover for Threesome Sweetness, Irish Kisses book three. So yummy! I'm giving a sneak preview of that via my newsletter on Thursday, so if you want to catch that be sure to sign up: www.tinyletter.com/joannekenrick

I've been getting quite a few messages, comments and emails asking me for status updates on the Irish Kisses series. Well, here it is:

Threesome Sweetness, book three - releasing early-ish winter 2012
Hot Winter Kiss, book four/christmas special -releasing late November-ish 2012

I know that's a long time to wait to get your tasty fix of Irish Kisses...so, exclusively, right here on the 1NS blog, I'm going to share a pre-edited (yeah, pre-edited, so expect some grammar boo-boos) snippet from Hot Winter Kiss, the Christmas Irish Kisses special and (booooo) last in the series. psst, if they're accepted, you may just be reading some more 1NS books from me next year :) Light house keepers, fishermen, sea rescue etc... Oh yes! It'll be yummy all right. Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Without any further chit-chat or non-sense from me...here's a snippet from Hot Winter Kiss (due out later this year). Disclaimer: Content shortened for snippet, and will appear differently in the actual published book. (c) JoAnne Kenrick. This snippet is not to be reposted in full or part without written consent from the owner. All rights reserved.

Digging out the present the staff had bought her for her trip, all wrapped in hot hunks gift paper, she grinned. She’d promised to wait until arriving at the castle before opening her surprise; if not for the ferry delay and the bus strikes, she’d be snug by the fireplace already. By her calculations, present time had come and gone already. She ripped that baby open and found the most well thought out present only good friends would think to buy her.
“An eReader!” she squealed.
They’d included a card, on front of which was a drawing of a very sexy Santa hanging up a fishnet stocking over a cartoon fireplace.
Now you’ll be able to carry those hot hunks around with you wherever you go without your grandkids ever discovering those smutty covers! And to ensure your holiday is romantic, we’ve stocked your reader up with books from your favorite series. One is about an Irish Castle owner. Wink Wink. Oh, and talking of romance, tucked into the cover of the reader is another present to ensure your Christmas is one filled with joy. Happy holidays! Your wee family from Bell’s.
Sandra thumbed around with the cover, and found what looked like an invitation. She opened the envelope and cringed. A 1Night Stand date. Oh hells bells. Had to be Devlin’s idea, the cheeky sod. He was a co-worker at Bells who often shared shifts with her, and always teased her about her reading habits at work. Yup. This trickery had Devlin written all over it. Insensitive bastard.
“Sandra? I’m from Ballygalley, here ta give ya a ride ta the castle. Bloody good job the barman recalled seeing ya, I couldn’t see ya tucked way back here.” Smooth Irish accent from behind jolted her upright, and invoked an image of hotness she had only witnessed in one of her books.
She turned. A man loomed over her, his face shadowed by a knit hat pulled down to his temples and a hint of dark ginger peeking through the wool.
A tightening in her throat stalled her, and her mouth rounded.
“Not got all night.” He pulled out her chair and nearly knocked her flying.
“Let me put my things away, first, eh?” She fisted her hands and puckered. Dude might be one sexy man to look at, but that’s where his romance hero qualities stop. Would make a good cover model, though.

Left you hungry for some Irish Kisses? here's the series to date: Pick up a tasty treat today for just 2.99 each! Available in most major e-book stores.


  1. Sweeeeet excerpt! Great gift, ereader wrapped in hot hunks paper. Send me 1 of those!

    1. hope your hubs is taking notes and has seen the hint ;) And honestly, even though I've got a nook and KindleFire, I would still squeal at that present LOL
      Sandra has some fricken good friends, if you ask me !!

  2. more more more!!!! *pounds desk* Dammit!
    Might have to find some of that hunks wrapping paper.
    More? "later this year" Who's office door do we start pounding on to speed things up? *bats eyelashes* LOL

    1. lol lol november, you have to wait til november. but I'll probably share another excerpt closer to the time ;) don't go banging down any doors...pretty please? or I'll be banned from ever putting up an early snippet again! EEP

  3. LOL Sounds like the beginning of a great Christmas! Can't wait! :)

  4. Sweet! Looking forward to the third in the series. Congrats!