Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Demons and Fantasies

Hello, my name is Bunny. I’m a demon. Yes I know, Bunny is a bit of an unusual name, but my father has a wicked sense of humor. No, he does. *raises hand* I swear it’s true. Do you really think that flat tire in the rain was an accident? Or the day you paid off your vehicle, it broke down? Seriously, he’s down there laughing his ass off.

Everyone likes to blame this guy named “Murphy”, but when you think about it, when things go wrong, there’s only one person who could be responsible. As far as Bunny, I don’t have a clue where he came up with that. I’m not furry, nor do I have whiskers, and I have a great dislike for carrots. Love Devil’s food, walks on the beach and the television show,  Say Yes to the Dress.  I have a long tail and horns, and excellent taste in clothing. I’m about as far from a bunny as a gal can get. Well, besides the boffing part, but we won’t get into that today.

*Smiles and slips on smart girl glasses. Glances over rims at a man sitting in a seat across from her.*  Today isn’t about me. I have a special guest in my studio. Today on 1NS, I’m interviewing Gabriel from More Than a Fantasy. We’ll be talking about work place romance and much, much more.
Gabriel, what is your last name? I haven’t been able to uncover it anywhere.
That’s because it’s not important. Gabriel is all anyone needs to know. Anyway, once I convince Regina I’m the only one for her and give her some time to get used to the idea, I plan to take her last name. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I don’t like to tip my hand.

Gabriel, I understand you are a marketing assistant. What kind of products do you help to develop campaigns for?
I develop campaigns for a wide variety of products and services: lawn sprinklers, condoms, landscaping, just to name a few. We could set up a nice little campaign to correct the misconceptions surrounding your name if you’re interested.

My pitchfork clears up plenty of misconceptions, but I’ll keep you in mind for the future. Your boss is a woman. Is this correct? How is it to—work under a woman of authority? Describe what she’s like. Does she do anything that bugs you—turns you on? Have you ever had dirty little thoughts going through your head when you look at her? *Laces fingers together and raises a brow.*
Of course, I have dirty little thoughts every time I look at her, most of them about how much I enjoy, ah-hem, working under her.  Okay, so pretty much everything about her turns me on. What really bugs me is she doesn’t see me as her equal and her partner, but I’m working on her.

Okay, time to test your marketing skills, Gabriel. You have been given an assignment to design a marketing campaign to change the way the public looks at the IRS. How and what mad skills would you employ to help us, er them, put on a better public face? 
Sure, give me the most hopeless scenario. Well, I’d start a campaign to show with complete transparency the good and worthwhile projects each taxpayer’s dollars were spent on. If, as many suspect, there are none to be found, I believe I’d talk the IRS into not collecting taxes for a couple year to let the goodwill build organically. *laughs* Guess they won’t be hiring me! 

*Pulls out notebook and begins to take notes.* Okay that should do it. Got some good stuff there. *tucks notes away in cleavage.*
You’ve requested the services of the mysterious Madame Eve. She has a questionnaire all applicants have to complete, and inquiring minds want to know, what traits did you list that you require your ideal woman to possess? Possession is very important, I have to tell you. If anyone knows anything about.... *sighs* I digress. Please tell me, um the readers, what you’re looking for in a woman. *Crosses legs and unbuttons a couple buttons.* Do you think it’s a little hot in here? *fans self* So, what skills—traits did you list? Brunette? Hot? Horny?
I seem to have a weak spot for a woman who’s a control freak, has top-notch business senses and has some seriously hot sexual fantasies that need to be explored.

Would you ever stoop to blackmail to get what you want? *Leans in.* Would you? I just love a man that knows how to strong-arm a woman, er convince her to go out. I myself have manipulated many a man. It’s an art, I have to tell you. One that has been in decline since the Dark Ages. Go figure.

*laughs* Blackmail certainly is an art, and with a little finesse my blackmail just might snag me the woman of my fantasies. … What? You think women have a corner on the fantasy market?

What do you think is hot? I’m not talking a lit gas grill, sweetheart.  I’m talking sexy; melt you in your shorts, hot.

Regina wearing her black power heels and showing off her curves.  Did I mention how much I enjoy working *under* her?

Have you been getting any vibes off Regina that might hint at something more could be between you than work? Is this why you requested her specifically? Don’t look so shocked. I know everything. It’s part of the job.

Regina’s way too careful and controlled to give off any vibes at work. But I, uh, might have had access to her emails to Madame Eve. I have no intention of letting her act out her fantasies with someone who looks just like me. If she wants me, she’s going to get the real thing or nothing at all.

Here are some quickies to wrap this chat up.

On a desk or in an office chair?
Desk (But hey, I’ll do the chair too. I’m young. I have lots of stamina!)

Boxers or briefs?

Blondes or Brunettes? Redheads?

Beer or champagne?
Champagne (with strawberries, please)

Hockey or the ballet?

T or A?
Can I have both? (Hey, I’m a guy.)

Demons or human females?
Human female (Sorry Bunny, but you had to have seen that one coming.)

Er, sorry about that last one. Got a little carried away. Thanks for coming by Gabriel. Good luck with your date.


Want to know how his date went? 
Click on the link below. 


  1. Another great interview with Bunny! Love how Gabriel took matters into his own hands to get what he wants. :)

  2. Love interviews with Bunny and I have got to see how that date with Gabriel went!!!!