Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bunny Interview with Maxwell Raines

Today we’re chatting with Maxwell Raines, known by his friends as Max, from Frost.
Yeah, well.  My squeeze’s little sister warned me about you. That was quite the snarkfest you and Lily had that time. You remember Lily from LIGHTNING? I’m a good guy, though, yeah?  I’ll try not to set you on fire or anything. If you’re gentle with me.  I’m a lot cooler and mellower since Dag entered the picture. And I got my muse back. True.

What? Warned you. Lily who? Oh that Lily. Took me awhile to recall, but this interview isn’t about that snarky little succubus, it’s all about you today.
Max as I understand, you’re a painter—among other things.
Among other things like…a fire-sex demon? Or a recluse? Or, as Dag might say, “a living, breathing sex god”?

*Smiles and bats lashes*
Flirt away, baby. I’m impervious. My eyes are way redder than yours.  Not like you’re the first.

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I’ve never had an artist and this is quite exciting. I love raw emotion on canvas. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to roll around naked on a wet painting, I digress. Looks pointedly at Max. I’m afraid I’m not very good at this not flirting thing. I was instructed to behave myself this morning. You do understand if I slip a time or two, I can’t help myself. Good behavior and I just don’t get along, you understand, I’m sure. You look like a very naughty boy. Leopard—spots.  *shrugs* Okay, so on to the interview.
So, have you every rolled around naked in edible paint on a blank canvas?
Not yet.  Though I sometimes paint bare-assed. I’ve sometimes got this, um, temperature problem.  Can’t cool down. As for edible paint…I’m old school.  Oil’s generally my thing. Though Dag’s kinda partial to ice wine.  I’m developing a taste for it. I kinda like to paint her sweet flesh with my tongue.

Oh, you are a naughty one. Perhaps a demon-stration is in order? I just so brought a roll of canvas this morning if you are feeling inclined to give it a whirl or two, or three. *digs in bag* I have cherry flavor, tutti-frutti and....
Gimme that.

Hey!  That was not a gift. It was...never mind. *Shakes finger* Don’t make me open up a can of whoop ass on your flaming...self.
Think I’ll just save that for a different time, different place, different succubus. If you get my drift. But thanks for the goodie bag.

*glares* Please tell the audience about the subject matter you paint. What’s your favorite subject?
Now? Dagney. Before that, I pretty much painted anything: landscapes, seascapes, still life scenes. Portraits not so much.  It wasn’t the subject, it was what I did with it.  Ask anyone who’s ever seen a Max Raines. They’re never quite the same after experiencing my work.

How’s your stroke?
Excellent. How’s yours?

No complaints. I hear each artist has their own signature technique. Tell us about yours.
I’d rather let Dag tell you. She’s the expert after all. Owns the Night Gallery.  This is what she thought when she first saw one of my pieces:

The paintings burst from the walls in stunning arrays of swirling color that boggled the mind, the medium the artist used thick and filled with texture. He’d slathered on layer after layer of paint. His bold, aggressive brush strokes exuded masculine sexuality, a strong, darkly erotic force that captivated the beholder.

The sensuality of the work beckoned her nearer, encouraging her to touch the canvas, to feel the suggestive emotion the artist poured into each powerful line and emphatic dab of bristles and oil. The carnal urgency of the artistry reminded her of the quickening pace of a man’s thrusts during intercourse, sure, purposeful, inexorably driving toward release…

But she’d never seen anything to equal these paintings in her life. The canvases in their tempered metal picture frames pulsed with throbbing visual orgasms.

Talkative one, isn’t she? Okaaayyy, let’s move on to a different subject.
So, what was a hot hunk of demon like you doing seeking a dating service? Sorry, I had to ask. That question has been nipping at me since you sat down. Please tell us what led you to seeking Madame Eve’s services.
Yeah, so…it’s kinda embarrassing.  I have to paint or I combust.  If I take a human or demon to bed…they may end up a pile of Opaline Gray ashes in the morning. But my muse deserted me. Desperate times called for desperate measures.  I’d heard rumors about Dagney and her succubus sisters. Thought she might be able to handle what I had to offer.

Well if they can’t take the heat.... Wow, that must have really sucked. I can certainly understand the desperation. What “requirements” did you have in your perfect woman?
That she stay the distance. Turn my red eyes the color of dirty snow. And not incinerate.

Not too long a list. Was she everything you expected?
More. Oh, hell,  yeah.

I wasn’t expecting anything but more disappointment and despair, to be honest.  Sure wasn’t expecting to find a Valentine of my own.

Okay, I can respect a girl that can take the heat. Let’s move on to the quickies.
Top or bottom?
I always sign my name at the bottom. Lower right.

You really don’t want to play, do you?
T or A?
Tosca or Aida? I’m more of a Stones man, myself. Though I kinda like Springsteen’s “Fire.”

Cherry or tutti-frutti? Or should I say both, since you took the edible paints from me. Hey, you owe me twenty dollars, buddy. That stuff isn’t cheap.
I  mentioned that I paint still lifes, right?

Was that before or after the long-winded review of your work? Wait, wait, here it comes. Did you feel the burn, baby? *Waves hand* Go ahead, flash over, flame boy. I eat demons like you for breakfast, and no fire you can bring will burn me, but I have to admit, it was nice of you to offer earlier. You’re such a tease. Do you have any brothers?
You sound like a girl who really needs to see the Raines Exhibit. Need directions to the Night Gallery?

No, thanks. I’m more about living art. I think we’re done here, you’re obviously smitten with your match, and that’s kind of like a can of demon-off to me. Before you go, please tell the audience what one lucky commenter on the post can win.

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Thanks for stopping by today, Max. Come again. Anytime.
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I’m off to meet with a sculptor and get my bust done. As I said—living art. I just love sculptors. They’re so good with their hands.


  1. Always love these interviews. Thank you!

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  2. Ha ha, you guys had such fun with this. Thanks for sharing Max and snippets of Frost, it's on my gotta read list.

  3. Yeah, so...Dag is all steamed that Bunny's flirting with Max. She tried to post here herself but signing in and out was just too complicated. So she stormed off to Sleepy Hollow. for Max. Nude.

    As for me...I thank you all for dropping by! Glad you had some fun.

  4. Max and Bunny are certainly a match for each other. Though I thought Max did very well resisting Bunny's passes. Dag should actually be very proud.

  5. Yeah, Max is a big boy. Knows how to take care of himself. Luckily, he doesn't have to anymore.