Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Double Heat Wave

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by Azura Ice
During the last week of June and the first few days of July, much of the U.S. was gripped by one of the worst heat waves in over one-hundred years. I wrote my latest 1NS submission during those horrible temperatures and high humidity. How’s that for ironic? Super-hot temps and a super-hot story. That, my friends, was a double heat wave, lol.

Come to think of it, when I wrote Lace, Lightning and Multiple Orgasms it was about the same time of year. I sat sweating on the porch with my laptop sliding around on my legs, and wrote about a Lightmaiden who needs lightning to rejuvenate her. She finds four incredibly handsome men who can wield lightning. Hmm, it’s a miracle my laptop didn’t burst into flames or shoot out a lightning bolt, lmao!

Weather often inspires me when I write. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because it’s raw power, power we can’t control, so we’re at its mercy. It’s a lot like falling in love. We can’t pick the persons we fall for. Love reaches out and snatches us into its embrace before we realize what’s happening. Storms, lightning, tsunamis, tornadoes and the like are the same way.

Unexpected, hot, passionate love. Find out how Elecia Lightmaiden discovers her four special men.


  1. I know I write better when it's cold! I'm too tempted to go outside when the sun is shining.

  2. Hi Barbara!

    During the summer months I usually write early in the morning on the side porch. After that I'm forced inside due to the sun hitting the porch around 11 AM. If the humidity isn't bad, I usually emerge to my chair out there around 6 or 7 that evening.

    My spot to write when it's cold is usually in my glider rocker by my bdrm window. I can see the pond and hillside and often watch deer, turkey, etc., come out to forage.

  3. I usually get the most writing in when it's either too hot or too cold to go outside. Otherwise I'm tempted to ditch work.

    Thanks for sharing with us, many happy sales!

    oliviastarke @ ymail.com

  4. I prefer to read at night when it's summer and hot and can read all day when it's winter and cold.:)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  5. Seems like the weather does affect us in more ways than we realize, lol!

  6. I'm with Olivia. If the weather is nice, I'm tempted to go outside. We've been getting a lot of snow and rain lately, so I guess that means I've been writing. LOL

    And during thunderstorms, if they're bad, I'll pick up a book and read until it's over.

  7. Hi Taryn!

    Jessica, I like to write during storms. I find it inspiring, but boy does it irk me to no end when the power goes out. The laptop battery is good for a coupla hours, but after that I have to get the adapter and plug it in the cig lighter in my Blazer to power up, rofl!

  8. Hi Taryn,
    i haven't read this yet but it is on the top of my TBRN. i know for myself if it is cold out i read more, i hate being cold. when it's hot i tend to be outside with my nieces and nephews.

    thanks for the great books, your one of my favorite authors.

    tammy ramey