Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Office Romances

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By Margie Church

Steamy office romances ever get you in hot water? Or someone you know? When I was just starting my career, I worked in the state office of a huge organization – and it was an election year. Good lord, what a shock that was to this newly-married, young woman. I needed a cheat sheet of who was sleeping with whom, including photos so I'd recognize the wives and husbands if the right couple was ever together. And my newly-married status didn't keep any of them from hitting on me. Sound trying? It was. And it was so blatant that nobody seemed to mind. All righty then.

During my storied years in large corporations, I saw a lot of things, including one of my good friends come back to our hotel room and call up one of her lovers and blast him for ignoring her. Of course she wasn't very sober at the time. I think many of us know/knew people in these situations and when they were discovered, somebody lost their job. It's on the news all the time. No matter how hard people try, the truth eventually comes out. I've always hated that usually the woman is the one losing her job, but that's a rant for another blog, isn't it?

In Executive Decision, Hunter and Logan are having an office romance. The tricky part is that Hunter is being mentored by Logan. A bit dicey there, I'd say by any stretch, but I gave them the latitude since Hunter is the Top in this story. Executive Decision also deals with homophobia…because let me tell you, when Logan's boss walks in on them doing the deed, things get ugly. Right now. How Hunter and Logan deal with their situation is the core of the story. If you're a fan of gay romance, I hope you'll read Executive Decision and find out how Madame Eve's services help for our distraught lovers.

Blurb: Executive Decision by Margie Church

The prospect of getting caught while having sex is a powerful aphrodisiac for Logan Carlyle. He's viewed as the leader on the sales force, but in bed, he's a submissive all the way.

Hunter James is just as adventurous as Logan. He's lower in the sales ranks, but he's the top when it comes to his relationship with Logan.

When Logan's thrill-seeking desires create chaos with their careers, and severs their relationship, Madame Evangeline's expertise is required.

CONTEST: Tell me about the office romance that went wrong – or right. Best lie or truth (who knows, eh?) will win a copy of Executive Decision! 

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  1. If only I'd worked with guys who were appealing. No, all of those I ever worked for were old, bald, smoked, were lechers etc etc. BUT I did once have to go on a trip away with my boss - Hedley. I'm fairly sure he'll never read this so I'm safe to use his name. We got to the hotel and he said, come down to my room at 7.00 and we'll go for dinner. So I did. When he opened the door, he only wore a towel. What did I do? Well, I should have gone back to my room or gone downstairs but I was such a dimwit. He said come in and wait. So I did. I think I was supposed to follow the flabby butt into the bathroom, but when he let the towel drop by accident or on purpose, I finally came to my senses and hightailed it out of there. The even more stupid thing is that he'd dropped hints all the way up in the car - even the - my wife doesn't understand me' line.

  2. Good gravy. I had the director of sales pat his knees and wag his tongue at me and say, "come sit down." We were at a huge party. Then he wrote his room number on a sheet of paper and gave it to me. UGH. I could go on for pages. Glad you didn't fall for that one, Barbara, and thanks for reading.

  3. I want to read this! And you would be amazed at what can happen in the stock room of an upscale department store after all of the bigwigs go home for the night. Because it was mostly all of us college aged kids working the 6 to 10 shift, and some of them were sooo hot in the men's department. ;) Then there was the tip to Las Vegas for a trade show with my boss...and I didn't use my room that weekend at all.

    1. Whew, Laurie! I love that you're bold enough to share these things. And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. You go girlfriend!

  4. Oh...oh what? Sorry still gawking at those photos.

    Hmmm the only office romance I can think of I've had involved a vodka soaked watermelon and the gorgeous hunk from work. It was one fantastic night I can't remember lol And a huge party with most of our coworkers, so everyone else not there knew about it Monday morning. No one can tell me men don't gossip! It was a male dominated factory, and I was the only woman in that side of the building.

    He and I were workout buddies, and it was awkward after to say the least. It wouldn't have been so bad if, again, it weren't for the gossip-y gusses we worked with.

    1. Single guys are like that...So did you continue being buddies or was it just to weird for words?