Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fuzzy Psychics

 by Azura Ice
When I’m hanging around Facebook, I see many writers posting about their pets who are their writing companions as they sit with a laptop or at the pc (I say ‘who’ because they’re people to us, right?). I have such a pal. His name is Radar, and he loves to climb up on my glider-rocker and lay on my laptop, my hands pinned beneath him. Although he might understand what “glib bloc donnnnnnnnnt morm;hsic.” means in dialogue, I don’t and neither do my readers, lol.

The other day our newest furry kid, Voodoo, leaped from my hubby’s nightstand and landed in the middle of my keyboard. First, it scared the bejeezus out of me, and second, she opened up so many programs with her crash landing that it took me a couple of minutes to shut them all down and fix the part of my manuscript she’d messed up.

It makes me wonder: do animals somehow pick up on your thought patterns like they do our emotions?

LOL, many strange notions like the one above skitter through my mind at odd moments. Perhaps it’s the burst of adrenaline that causes them when said cat frightens me. But seriously, I sat and pondered this thought after Voodoo startled me—of course this was also after a few choice curse words.

If our fuzzy companions are so attuned to us, maybe, just maybe, they can zero in to our thoughts as we write.

Who knows? Maybe one of Hemingway’s many cats helped him write his classics?

However, I doubt Radar or Voodoo have helped me write any of my 1 Night Stand books. If they had, it would’ve burned their fur off!


Check out my 1NS: 

When Jagger Castillo sees Ellecia Lightmaiden trying to call lightning from a clear night sky, he knows she’s a perfect candidate to experience the Castillos’ new resort on Planet Vyzani. Stuck on Earth, Ellecia has never been able to find a man who sates her sexual appetite to generate the power she craves. Goaded into going on a date her boss has paid for, she relents once she learns Madame Evangeline has chosen four younger men for her.

However, the method in which Ellecia must travel to Vyzani is terrifying. Can she trust science to send her through cyberspace without losing her body or reassembling it wrong? And if she does make it to her waiting men, will they be compatible and quench her need for incredible sex?

Perhaps Madame Evangeline’s perceptiveness has sent Ellecia across a galaxy to love.


  1. I believe cats definitely pick up on our feelings. They also seem to know which people in the room don't like cats. LOL

    My mom trains therapy dogs, so I believe dogs can also pick up on our emotions. Not sure about other animals, but I'm sure if we're broadcasting our emotions enough, anyone can.

    All the best!

  2. Yep, just like they can sense fear, they can sense other emotions coming from us too.

  3. I loved your comments about your cats and that one in particular that "helped" you by conveniently opening all those programs. I love animals, but I can't have them now that my husband is allergic to most of them. But I remember growing up with cats and dogs. Cats are especially "helpful" at times.

    And your books sounds great!

  4. Ooh I see it's a Castillo family story. How cool! I will have to read this. Good luck on the new release!

  5. Hate to hear that about your hubby, Starla. Allergies to animals can be really harsh to the body.

    Hi Writery! Glad you could stop by!

  6. I believe it has to to with scent. A dog or cat's head is mostly used for smell. They have huge sinuses that take up most of their cranium, and a good section of their brain is developed to process aromas.

    When you're afraid you start to sweat. When your aroused you sent out Pheromones. Some for the other emotions which produce their own unique scents.

    Sick people also have a smell that a dog or cat can sense, and some humans with good sense of smell too. Some dogs can scent when a seizures of some kind about to happen, such as with Epilepsy, and alert their human.

    We call that a good dog. :)

    When you were quietly working on your lap top, your cat saw it's human sitting. That's all the invitation they need to demand attention. Purrr!


  7. i think that cats are actually an invading alien species and they are trying to take over the world,1Meow at a time. the reason i think this is because you can't walk past stairs where they won't try to trip you,pretend they can't understand get off the couch and just lay in wait until your significant other is busy and then jumps (claws first) in the middle of his/her back.

    if this isn't an attempt to get us to give up the planet then i don't know what is! LOL~

    tammy ramey

  8. Animals have a lot of senses we don't fully understand. I just wish my son's dog would recognize me on skype! or maybe he does and is sulking because I'm not there.