Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Tasty Interview with a Vampire

Welcome to our May 1Night Stand interview. Today I have Cade O’Donnell from A Taste of Humanity. Cade, welcome to my hot seat. Please tell the audience a little about you.

I don’t usually do interviews. I mean, I’m not the most interesting person. But you’ve been pretty insistent in talking to me so I guess I’ll go along with it.
I was born in Ireland, but I don’t remember any of it as my parent’s moves to Detroit shortly after my birth. My father was in the army so we travelled a lot. My mother homeschooled me which had its pros and cons. I really didn’t have many friends.  I was expected to follow in my fathers footsteps, but I didn’t have the dedication to be a soldier which caused a lot of friction between my father and I. I left home at seventeen and did odd jobs until I met Gage Masters.  He’s a Real Estate Investor, top in his field. He took me under his wing and within a few years I rose to the top.

So, why did you choose Vegas to hook up with your 1Night Stand. I hear New Orleans is quite the party town, or perhaps Colorado if you want a flavor of the West, wait, forget Colorado. I hear they’ve been getting snow in May. Ugh, split ends, dry flaky skin and layers and layers of clothes. I prefer a much warmer climate, if you know what I mean. Besides I think spring clothing should look like spring, not sweaters, mittens and snow boots. So, last season, you know?

It’s the city of sin. What better place to hook up with someone you don’t know for one night of sex
I don’t know about you, but I like the sunshine, lying on a beach and getting oil rubbed into my back by.... *sighs*

I’m not much of a sun person. I’m better at night, if you know what I mean. **Winks**

No, not sure I know what you mean. Leans in closer. Smile again?
Whoa. What big fangs you have? And very sparkly white. You’ve got a great dentist. If I had a soul, I’d sell it to have someone that does work like that. Can I get his number after the interview?

I’ve been told that a lot. I have a personal dentist. She does work for Gage’s employees only.

So, Madame Eve. Why a 1Night Stand? Why did you seek out her legendary matchmaking services? Surely a nice-looking guy like you doesn’t have a hard time hooking up with the chicks? Well, with the exception of the pale complexion. You could use a little sun.

As I said, I’m more of a night person.  I was given Madame Eve’s business Card and when I checked her out, I liked what I saw. She’s a professional who knows how to give a person just what they need for a mate. She also caters to the out of the norm customers, ones who may not find it so easy to search out a date. Every one of her clients is researched and if they meet her criteria, she helps them. It’s safer and easier.  I needed someone in a hurry, who was clean, who I could feel comfortable with. Someone who would accept my….unusual appetites. Besides, meeting someone at a bar for a one night stand seems so trashy.

*cocks head*
Wait, pale skin, the accent—are you.... Never mind. So, a little birdie tells me you might be associated with certain people in Vegas. I’ll just spit it out then. The mob?

What little birdie told you that?

I have all kinds of contacts below. I’d be happy to introduce you to a few. My father kicks it with a good deal of them, well, and Ghangis Khan. Do you know him? Long hair he wears in a ponytail--mustache. A sore loser at craps. The way he acts, you’d think he’s never lost at anything before. It must be small man’s disease, because he’s like five foot zero. Seriously, all attitude.... *Glances around at silent audience*

Again, I’d like to find out who told you that. I don’t need other connections. I’m happy with my job, with Gage.  I don’t think I would enjoy hanging with your father. No offence but he doesn’t seem very professional.

Oh, my father, he’s very professional, but you don’t want to piss him off. He takes on this whole Lord of Hell persona. and it’s.... I just hate it when he pouts. What a baby. The last time that happened, well, we had the Dark Ages.

He’s in charge of torturing the damned for all eternity, but hey, this interview is all about you, and I don’t want to get into the family business too deep. I mean there are nine levels, or so that’s the rumor going around, but I can tell you it goes a lot deeper...never mind, I said I wasn’t going to talk family business and there I go, off on a tangent. Though I am certainly happy to take you on a tour someday if you’d like to ask my little birdie, yourself. I have this little contract you have to sign first, a little formality. Wait do you have a soul?

Really, this is the type of interview you do? Or are you trying to recruit because if that’s the case you can go to hell.

 Seriously dude, don’t glare, it’s not a good look for you. You don’t want to age that way, trust me, I’ve seen the way some very unhappy people have aged and I’m just saying, you don’t want that. Let’s move on before you face gets stuck like that. K? So, what were the requirements for your dream date? What did you specify was a must on that application?

I’m vain, I’ll admit it. I wanted beauty, a great body and someone who was open to new things. I also wanted someone with brains, you know, not an airhead.

Vanity—a deadly sin. Love it. Keep talking. Was she everything you thought she would be?

Hell yeah, and more! She was so much fun and watching her face light up at the flashy lights and entertainment that Vegas boasts made me feel like it was the first time seeing Vegas myself.  Penny turned out to be a hell of a woman.

So, how about some quickies? Everyone loves the quickies.

You got that right. **Wink**

O Neg or O Pos, or are you a “O” man?

What is my blood type? That’s a strange question. Okay, I’m B positive.

I have to tell you, I love “O” men. I mean anyone that can give you a great big “O” is the bomb in my book.  I mean, you really are in my book. *pulls out black book and flips through it, stopping on last page and points* See, I’ve got you penciled in right here. All you have to do is give me your address and phone number. I’ll take care of the rest.

I’m sure you’re a lot of fun, but you’re not really my type.

No? Don’t do demons? Okay, I know a few people that can help me get that information. No bother. Let’s move on, this quickie is stretching out a bit.
Day or Night?


Boxers or briefs.

Briefs. It my opinion that any man that wears boxers doesn’t have much to be proud in the cock department.  Think about it. Which would you rather see? The bulge in a pair of tighty-whities or the sag of baggy boxers.

I prefer free style. So...where do you live?

San Diego, but I travel a lot so I have places scattered about.

Can you be a little more specific? I’ve been building my little black stalking book. You can never have enough prey. It’s really a must in my line of work.
I’ve had my share of stalkers. They don’t stick around once I **talk** to them.

Oh, I don’t go away. I’m very good at what I do, and threats kind of turn me on. So.... Thanks for stopping in today. For the tell all exclusive on Cade’s date, check out this link. Taste of Humanity You can get all the dirty deets on the date there. 

Thanks for the interesting interview, Bunny. For my first time, it wasn’t boring. **Smiles slyly**

Okay, I gotta run. But make sure to stop by next month, when I interview Cori Valentine from Cinderella Wore Combat Boots.

Hey, I forgot to ask, do you get all sparkly in the sunlight?
You should burn for that question.  What did I say about being a night person. I’m out of here.

Jeesh, some people can’t hold their sunlight. Okay, bye, bye, Cade. You know they have this thing called sunscreen. Just saying. Come again and visit, some time. *Blinks* Did he just walk out on me? Seriously? Some Vampires can be so crabby in the morning. *Shrugs* Don’t forget to stop by next month when I put a Marine in my hot seat.


  1. Oh, that Bunny! Great interview. Cade sounds like a ... charmer. Nice going, Shiela!

  2. A demon and a vampire makes for one interesting interview! :)

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    Thank you so much for popping in Jessica!

    I enjoyed the interview Bunny. You are a very interesting character. :)