Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Inspiration and Crazy Adventures

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By Sascha Illyvich

When I started my next submission for Decadent Publishing's 1NS line, currently titled "Dark Knight" I knew I needed to work in the obvious elements of a good story, plus the elements of the line to get them to bite. 

The inspiration for my hopeful came from the same place I get all my creative story ideas from.  Yes, personal experience plays a part in all of this.  In my hopeful for Decadent, I modeled the character after all my 1NS heroines, choosing to use someone close to me.  She'll remain nameless but let's say she is well aware of all the hot sex in the story, even going so far as to get the good parts from me and share them with a group of people she KNOWS will buy this story once Decadent contracts it.

You can see my ego knows no bounds, right?

My previous 1NS book Menage Bound, Siddella and Jason actually are based on people too but to be honest, Jason sort of snuck in.  I won't say where I know this swarthy Latino from or what cigars he smokes, but I can say that I pumped him up in size, stature and dominance so the real Jason (if that was his name) and the story Jason (that IS his real name) aren't all that easy to compare.

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All of the stories I've crafted for Decadent have a similar theme and for once it's NOT redemption.  While that does play a part in The Playground it's not the overall theme.  Trust is. 

In all three stories a choice must be made.  Trust myself to try a new thing, or trust that my life will continue to suck if I go about things the way I have been. I've been fascinated by human kind ever since coming to terms with the recent fact that I apparently am not superman, and watching, putting these experiences into stories helps me draw some sort of closure on life, as I'm sure it helps others to understand me . It also serves for the fantasy background of so many readers looking for an escape. 

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Siddella had to let go and trust Jason and Chase to deliver what they promised they could.  Livia had to trust herself to grow with the help of Bruce, in Surrender to Love.  And of course we've talked about Devon and Shelly's trust issues.

So, dear reader, I ask you this:  Will you trust me to provide you with a brief, yet eloquently steamy love story published by the fine folks at Decadent Publishing?  Each word has been selected for its use in choice cuts of the story, with loving care, hand crafted from me to you via our seamless delivery system?


  1. I'll definitely enjoy reading your story.

  2. I look forward to you enjoying it Sheri!