Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary and Thank You All!

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I’d like used today’s blog to thank everyone for making The Gift the success it is.
My readers. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. In honor of The Gift’s one year anniversary on May 18, I’d like to thank you with a $30 gift card from Amazon. Please stop by on Saturday and comment to be eligible.

My teachers. To Lori Wilde, who taught me the structure of writing romances and provided a candid viewpoint of the typical author experience in the traditional publishing world. This insight convinced me to begin my career with an ePublishing house. To Louisa Bacio, who is a fabulous teacher and truly wonderful person to have in your corner. Such a delightful lady!

My publisher. I cannot say enough about the wonderful, professional people at Decadent Publishing. Many of you wear multiple hats, and you do it well. Special shout outs to Heather Bennett, Valerie Mann, and my editor, Kate Richards. Thank you for your partnership and being everything I’d hoped to find from an ePub house.  Thank you for the amazing surprise of connecting DP authors via Yahoo groups. What an awesome group of men and women who are so willing to share their experiences, promote for each other, and lend an ear or shoulder. When you join Decadent Publishing, you truly join a family.  

My cover artist. Thank you Decadent Publishing for partnering with Tibbs Designs. Valerie took the stock photos I liked and created a MARVELOUS and distinctive cover. Thank you, Valerie!

My fellow authors. I have received very generous support from other authors, which really helped me establish myself in my debut year. To everyone who has promoted for me or encouraged me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So what’s next? I’m currently working on a foodie romance.  Imagine a sassy chef, a hunky yet brainy cowboy, bratty younger brothers, a matchmaking Dom, amazing Argentine cuisine, and a Quinceañera set in Montana.  Rubs hands together, oh yes.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to The Gift! Congrats and I look forward to what's next from you. :)