Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wyk's Surrender

By Dakota Trace

So recently, well about six months ago, I was talking to my editor about the books I had planned to write this summer. (Or attempted to write, due to the kidlets being out of school). During the conversation, she’d asked if I was ever going to give my 1NS couple from Blind Need, Xaviera and Nate, another story…or at least check in with them.  I, of course, was stumped. I fell in love with my blind heiress and her hunky smoke-jumper, but I wasn’t sure where else to take their story or how continued it within the constraints of the 1NS series. So when I posted to the blog in February, I wrote an article about what happens after the 1Night Stand and about readers wanting to know more about what happened to the characters. I got several answers to that questions from other helpful 1NS authors and a few of the readers.

It did get me to thinking and I finally managed to answer that question. When I penned my most recent contribution for the 1NS line, Wyk’s Surrender, Xaviera and Nate along with Lucy managed to sneak their way into my story. Xaviera appears as the cousin of Venus Spinazzola-Navarro, my heroine.  While they may be cousins, they are quite different.  Not only is Xaviera a wine heiress, she grew up in sunny California, while Venus grew up on the streets of the Windy city and is an executive assistant to a department head of a lucrative firm in Chicago. While Xaviera was a bit of recluse, Venus is in your face, dares to tread where only angels dare and isn’t afraid of her size or sexuality. (And yes, she’s a what most consider to be BBW.) Because of her uniqueness it was a great fun to write Venus’s story.  Like her cousin, Venus has a take charge attitude and has no issue standing on her own two feet, or holding her own against her boss.  Which is probably why she’s a FemDom.

But speaking of her boss, Chadwyk, or Wyk as he prefers to be called, was a challenge to write, and why? Well because Wyk, the epitome of a successful black businessman, kept whispering in my ear how he wanted to explore his sexually submissive fantasies with his assistant. Talk about a real eye opener.  So not only did I have a strong female character…who was a FemDom, I had a strong alpha male in the boardroom who wanted to submit.  Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? One would think.  But of course my muse, Livvy, had to make it difficult for me.  She decided that I just couldn’t give them a straight forward story – you know Venus walking into Wyk’s office for a little afternoon delight. No they both had to have reasons why they couldn’t give into their obvious desire – the same reasons Madame Eve had to step in and arrange their…date and a reason to head out to Vegas. 

Well, that’s how Xaviera and Nate snuck in.  I won’t spill the beans about why Venus is meeting her cousin and sexy man in Vegas…or even why or how Wyk ends up in Vegas at the same time but needless to say…in the city of love…anything is possible. Even a chance to believe the impossible can happen. 

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