Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Flavor for Every Mood

By Dakota Trace
Hi all! Once again the lovely peeps at Decadent are being nice enough to let me come over and hijack the 1NS blog for the day. They are either desperate or brave considering the company I keep, but lucky for them this time I stuck Livvy in a closet and locked the door. So today you just get little ole me – the girl next door who penned not only the sweet but sizzling Blind Need book but also the dark minx that came up with down-right devious but sexy Wyk’s Surrender. How can one author go to such different ends of the spectrum? Well, I guess it’s just like life. Sometimes you’re hankering for some salt-water taffy and the next time it’s a huge piece of double chocolate fudge cake. There are as many different facets to us as writers as there are genres. *winks* Much to the benefit of the readers.

Which is why I love the 1NS line so much. There is no end to the possibilities – from the pairings to the genres. I never realized just how many though, until the other night when I was talking to Kali Willows during her Between Moonlit Covers radio blog show. She started naming off some of them – well as many as time allowed and it hit me. We have almost every genre accounted for in the 1NS line. You love sexy marines? Look up Heather Long’s Always a Marine series. You want some yummy shape-shifters needing Madame Eve’s help? Look no further than Rebecca Royce or Ann Mayburn.  Or perhaps you’re looking for some steamy m/m love. I have several personal favorites along that line – starting with Bear It All by Deanna Wadsworth. Or even if you’re a paranormal fan…there’s Jessica E Subject. I’ve got three of her 1NS books sitting on my reader waiting for me to have the time to read them.

In truth, as a reader I find it hard to pick one genre to read. I’ve read everything from dead doms to hunky men in Caribbean to athletes that choose to submit to sexy Dommes. And the list keeps growing. At times I wish I wasn’t such an avid 1NS fan-girl. Why? Well my muse is now whispering how I need to write a m/m/m 1NS book. She keeps telling me Madame Eve needs a new challenge. What do you think? Is the wily Madame up for such a feat? I’d like to think so, but only time will tell. :D 


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