Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Desert Living and Cactus Love

By Courtney Sheets

It is no secret that I love my hometown of Las Vegas. I was not born here but spent most of my life living in Nevada. I was a mere babe of ten we when first pulled up stakes and claimed “Lost Wages” as our new home. I even went to college in Northern Nevada. Go Wolfpack! 

I love living in the Wild West, in the wide open spaces. That said, I think I could happily live anywhere from the skyscrapered skyline of NYC, the close cosy comfort of D.C., or the open plains of Kansas. But if I have to choose it is Vegas all the way. That’s why I set my 1Night Stand story, Betting on a God, in my hometown. Where else would the Greek Gods run off to but Vegas? 

I especially love winter in the Desert, well at least December in Vegas. When the weather changes and the holidays approach something wonderful happens in Vegas…Cowboys and the NFR and country music show up! As many of you know the NFR, or National Finals Rodeo is held in Las Vegas every winter. That means my little slice of heaven on Earth of a hometown is inundated with Wrangler butts and Stetsons. What more could a red-blooded American girl ask for? The situation makes for a great romance.

While we don’t get much snow down in Vegas, we do in the mountains; the Casinos usually make up for it in their holiday d├ęcor. The Venetian gives us Winter in Venice complete with skating rink and gorgeous stilt walkers. The Aria makes it snow indoors twice a day. Ethel M Chocolate factory, which has candy to die for, trims the cactus garden with lights and love for the holiday season. Finally The Bellagio takes its beautiful botanical gardens and turns them into a winter wonderland for all to enjoy. So you see while living in the desert is hot and dry in the summer, the Winter holds some amazing sights, sounds, and smells. The possibilities are endless.

What are your favorite holiday decorations in your hometown? 

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