Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

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By Eva Lefoy

It’s time again for those promises we make to ourselves which we either will or will not follow through on.  The question is, what resolutions should we choose? For a sexier 2014 why not try the following?

     Resolve to love your body. The way it is. With all its flaws and perfections. Don’t just love one area and hate another – love them all! Don’t discriminate. You’ll find self-confidence an instant mood-lifter and a powerful turn-on for guys.
    While you’re happy with yourself, go out and buy some sexy new lingerie. You’ll feel slinkier and ready for action in no time.
     Play around. Find a new erogenous zone. There are so many of them on the body, and they differ from person to person. A lick here, a tickle there, and you might discover something you didn’t know about your partner, and a new way to turn them on.
    Get more solo time with your fantasies. A little self-help session for your libido to get your juices flowing can pay off big dividends. No partner? Try something new and different in 2014. I’m not suggesting you become an exhibitionist, but why not a new toy? A change of pace with regard to time and location? Even a brand new fantasy – if you’ve been dreaming of the same thing for a while – can help bring new energy to your “me” time and bring a smile to your face!
    Read more romance books! There, I said it. Get yourself into the buying habit for 2014 and you won’t regret it. From shifters to alpha males, from military to fantasy romance, there’s something out there for everybody. If you haven’t read it, try it. You might be pleasantly surprised by a new author – or even a whole new genre!

Here are some book recommendations to get you started:

The Perfect Sub by Jayson Locke – It’s a MM romance and I’ve heard very good things about this one!

Amber Moon by Ann Mayburn – a M/F/F ménage, I guarantee you haven’t read one this hot in a while. Plus, it’s a 1Night Stand book, and there’s no better guarantee of story satisfaction!

Forever – The Dragon Wars by Rebecca Royce – I totally want to read this whole series!

Dragon’s Breath by Kali Willows – another on my TBR list.

Crow Magic by Mary Quast – she writes hot and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

Dirty Love by Olivia Starke – another 1 Night Stand story. Need I say more?

The Virgin Madam by Shiloh Saddler – if you like westerns, you’ll feel at home reading this Wild West tale for sure.

Pajama Party by Kelli Scott – what are three close friends to do with a bunch of sample sex toys but try them on each other all night long?

Mixing Mike by Megan Slayer –this one just came out, and I’ve got it on my TBR list already.

Emerald Moon by Ann Mayburn – look at that gorgeous cover. I so want to read this!

Accidentally Beautiful by Deanna Wadsworth – Yes, I like the cover, but Deanna has a couple of other books out that have caught my eye. Decisions, decisions….

Sweet Cravings by Eva Lefoy – yep, that’s a plug from me for those of you who like whipped cream and naked men and don’t think it’s ever too hot in the kitchen!

Here’s to a wonderful 2014!


Books I’ll be releasing with Decadent Publishing in 2014:

Lover Enslaved: 24 hours in Mumbai – a MM 1 Night Stand romance
The Trouble with Memories – a Science Fiction Romance featuring aliens!
Perfect Ride – a MM bull riding cowboy story (with co-author Shiloh Saddler)
Download My Love – a Science Fiction robot love story.

Stay tuned for more! 


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a very busy and fun year ahead. Enjoy and Happy New Years!

  2. Awesome post Eva! I love your book list. *wink, wink* Most of all I agree with the advice to be happy with our bodies and pick up some lingerie. For ladies who may be a bit self conscious, I suggest they visit a shop that specializes in service. This way she can be fitted without feeling awkward. Let me tell you... a nice fitting piece of satin or lace can make a gal feel like a million bucks!
    Happy New Year!!!!

  3. These romance books sound great! Thank you for the great suggestions!


  4. Definitely some great choices, Eva! Pretty sure my TBR list will be 3 miles long! Lol

  5. I'm sure my Amazon wish list is increasing exponentially!! lol