Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free: 1Night Stand

By Louisa Bacio

Definitely, the most important item within a bedroom is the bedroom set, correct? (Aside from the mattress!) Check out this generous offer by a furniture store.

Sounds more like a special Madame Eve and her 1Night Stand service may offer.  Where would you choose to place your free 1Night Stand?

A Dance with Death
1Night Stand

She’s a classic… 
After recovering from an injury and uncertain of her future in the world of dance, ballerina Isabella treats herself to a dating service–some frolicking between the sheets before she decides what to do with the rest of her life is just the jeté her heart and mind needs.

He’s a bit more modern… 
A successful music video choreographer, Raul is constantly surrounded by gorgeous dancers. But his life lacks a vitality and depth he needs to fuel his creative passion. He turns to a 1Night Stand to discover inspiration.

A dance between life and death… 
When an accident threatens to cancel the evening of romance, Isabella and Raul will have to dance to a new beat. Can a dance with death change fate?

Louisa Bacio


  1. LOL! Where did you find this? I'm not clever with sign placement so I don't know where I'd put one.

    1. It was floating around Olivia. Perfect, right?