Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bunny and the Brigadier

Today I have a special guest, former supermodel Anya Volkov.
Welcome to my hot seat, Anya. Please tell the readers out there a little about yourself.
Thank you for having me. Well, I’ll start with the obvious, that I’m half-Russian. I was born in Russia to an American mother. I started modeling when I was around the age of 15. My most famous photo is the white swimsuit photo from the eighties that made me an overnight celebrity. But all that fame and hard work didn’t stop me from becoming lonely.
Well, that was quite some time ago your famous snapshot came out. That puts you around the age of...?
A lady never discloses her age, Bunny. I think you of all women should know that. *Leans forward* How old did you say you were?
Ah, yes. Well as you said—we shouldn’t disclose our age. You’re a little old to be signing up for a 1Night Stand. Don’t you think?
Quite the contrary, Bunny. I’ve done a lot in the last ten years that people told me I was too old to do. I’ve gone sky diving, sailing around the world, ran with an Army unit, completed a competitive obstacle course and danced until dawn with an extremely hot general. Not to mention, taking him home with me after. *winks* I think  your only limitation is your mind and what barriers you let it put up.
So, you went for a powerful man. You like power?
Um, I didn’t get to pick exactly who. Madame Eve did that and might I add he was perfect. It’s nice to have a man that knows exactly what he wants and goes after it.
So, was he everything you thought he would be?
I’ve never dated a military man. Let’s just say he was full of surprises. More than I could’ve imagined.
I understand you were a spook. How did the general feel about dating a spy.
Excuse me, Bunny. You got this information from whom?
I have my sources.
You do know that there are people out there that might not like your sources. As for dating a spy, no problem, since we work for the same team.
People? *Glances around.*  Are you telling me I’m being watched? You are! Dang it. You could warn a girl. I would have at least had a new manicure and maybe had my hair trimmed. I hope at least if they’re going to stalk me, they’re hot.
So, Bunny. Shouldn’t we move on to the quickies? You like quickies don’t you?
Wait! Who’s doing this interview?
Fifty to life or the death penalty?
What? Nobody told me.... Stop! This is my interview. You’re the one in the hotseat.
Lights on or off during your interrogation?
I’m refuse to answer that question.
Have you ever been arrested before?
I plead the 5th! *eyes the door*
Well, it looks like we’re all out of time. I really have to run. You’re just kidding right, Anya?
Am I?
*Vanishes in a puff of smoke.*
Well, it looks like my host has left me to wrap up on my own. To find out how my date with the general went, pick up the tell all exclusive here: Beauty and the Brigadier.