Monday, May 5, 2014

Ball Games and Delayed Anniversaries

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Or, as we say in my house, Happy Anniversary!  Yes, it is my 14th wedding anniversary.  So how are we going to do to celebrate?  By taking my son to his baseball game, of course!  I know, how exciting.  Actually, we’ll celebrate next weekend after we hit my mom up to babysit.  We’ll go out to dinner and have a nice quiet evening together.  And hopefully I’ll get something nice and shiny!  Quick–someone share this with my husband.  LOL.
Given my ultra-glamorous anniversary plans, I started thinking about my characters Blake and Jill in Long Overdue.   What would they be doing on their first anniversary after meeting each other through 1Night Stand?  Would they spend a quiet evening at home, or have dinner at an exclusive restaurant?  Nope!
Blake owns an airline so of course he’d put it to good use to celebrate the day he met Jill.  He’d want to show her the world.  Heck, he’d want to give her the world—before they settle down and have baseball games to taxi their kids to.  So I picture them someplace awesome—and warm since we’re still waiting for spring to hit New York—like Hawaii.
Jill would be excited and want to do all the touristy things tourists do.  He’d have seen it before but enjoy watching Jill take it in for the first time.  And who know, maybe Blake will even pop the big question…  That would be just like him.
If you haven’t read their story yet, here’s an excerpt on how it all started from Long Overdue:

“I think this is some sort of mistake,” she finally managed.
“But, we’re here. And I don’t think it’s a mistake.”
Of course, he’d be polite, while wondering what happened to the size zero, with extra-large breasts, he ordered. “I don’t know.” She shook her head and swore disappointment flashed across his face. “I’ll be honest; I am not comfortable.”
“And let me be honest. I’m looking forward to an evening with you.” Ooooh, smooth. Then again, she didn’t expect less, given his tabloid reputation. Still, her legs felt a little less stable.
She faced him. What really went on in his head? “You don’t find it strange that you know me?”
His killer smile set off butterflies in her belly and a warning bell in her mind. “No. In fact, it makes sense.”
“Why is that?”
“Because I used to wonder about you. A lot.”
Jill forgot to breathe. Forgot almost everything. Did he say…?
“Didn’t you ever wonder about me?”
Jill exhaled. “I’m taking the Fifth.” His smile grew. She shook her head, recognizing dangerous territory. “I’m still not sure.” Not sure she’d measured up. Not sure she’d survive with her heart intact.
“Stay for a drink.”
She wavered at his low-voiced offer. Dammit, he’d become even more handsome than she remembered.

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  1. I loved Jill and Blake's story. I can't wait for the next one. Happy Anniversary! :)

  2. Thank you, Renae! So glad you enjoyed their story, I loved writing it. And, yes, I do have another story coming out - but I don't have a date yet, hopefully soon. :-)