Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life Lessons I Learned From My Kittens

Rascal the Mighty

by Olivia Starke

It’s summer time on my little farm, and this year we welcomed a few new little additions to our menagerie. They’re furry, feisty, and a whole lot of trouble, though definitely worth it. Kittens are balls of energy, ready to take on the world, and pretty much exist to love every second of being alive. While watching them play, I can’t help but appreciate the way every day is a grand adventure. Every second of being awake is an exploration and an opportunity to discover something new. It’s crazy how such little creatures not even two months old can remind someone of what being alive really is about. Here is the list I hope others can take to heart as well.

You don’t need fancy things to have fun! A leaf or piece of straw, and a bit of imagination, and you’ll have the time of your life.

Even if things are dark and rainy, live like it doesn’t matter! Even if things aren’t perfect, life goes on, and play on to spite it.

Never underestimate how wonderful it is to cuddle with those you love. You’ll appreciate the extra warmth and security it provides.

Be fascinated by the little things, even if you’ve seen them dozens of times. A shift in sunlight and its brand new, and worth a good inspection!

 If something scares you, puff up, and stalk toward it anyway. You may find bravery wins out against any adversary, including a ferocious clump of grass!

So this post is dedicated to my little wonders: Rascal, Rebel, Callie, Ramone, Pete, and precious Itty Bitty who, unfortunately, didn’t make it (though he lived every second with the biggest heart and belief that everything was AWESOME.)

When Abigail Winter’s stepsister sets her up with 1Night Stand, she can’t deny she needs a night away from the constant worry. Her cat rescue A Purrfect Home is in danger of closing, and she’s nearly out of options. Her date, Carlita, is gorgeous with soft curves that leave Abigail hungry for a taste. A perfect and passionate distraction for the evening. 
Carlita Menedez is thrilled when she first lays eyes on her date, Abigail. Beautiful, and an animal lover, who more perfect for a former veterinarian? Her lithe form proves irresistible, and her kisses incredible. Their chemistry sizzles and when they come together, they find pure bliss in one another’s arms.
But disaster steals their night, and A Purrfect Home may already be lost. Will Carlita be the one person who can help Abigail save everything she’s worked so hard for?

Thunder boomed louder, jarring the windows, echoing her pounding heart. Carlita met her gaze and Abigail couldn’t resist reaching out and taking one of her ebony curls, letting the silken texture slip through her fingertips. The simple act did obscene things, a tight ache settled between her thighs. Abigail cupped the other woman’s cheek. “What do you think? Can two strangers like us have a passionate one night affair?”
Carlita’s tongue darted out, moistening her lips, her brown eyes smoldering. A tantalizing tease.
“I think it’s why we’re here, right?”
What an unsatisfying answer. She had to know for sure the other woman felt the same as she did. She stroked her thumb over Carlita’s bottom lip. “Do you want me?”
Carlita looked away and Abigail’s confidence faltered. What if the chemistry was one sided? God, it’d been years since she’d dated, and she’d never been good at reading body signals. To top it off, she was feeling pretty desperate; never a good thing while figuring someone else out. She took a deep breath, ready to back off. Carlita covered her hand with her own before she could pull away and moved the platter with the cheesecake to the nightstand.
“I want you to kiss me, Ab—”
Abigail moved before she could finish the sentence. Carlita’s lips were soft, yielding to the urgency of her kiss. She pulled her forward until Carlita straddled her thighs, the kiss deepening, their tongues meeting in foreplay. She tasted of chocolate, champagne, and desire, a delicious combination, and Abigail couldn’t get enough. Abigail stroked the smooth skin of her exposed back, feeling her muscles moving while Carlita worked the buttons on her blouse. When the other woman palmed Abigail’s breasts through her cotton bra, the heat within her bloodstream turned to liquid fire. She yanked the halter ties to Carlita’s dress, fumbling with the knot.
“Damn it.” The ties wouldn’t give. More than anything she wanted those incredible breasts free to bury her face between them. Live out one of the fantasies she’d been denied all night.
“Oh god, I’m sorry,” Carlita said as grabbed the ties, trying to help. “I didn’t want to fall out. I tightened it into a double knot.”
Abigail gave up and let her work the knot, taking advantage of having free hands.

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