Monday, July 28, 2014

Do You Want to Date My Avatar


by Courtney Sheets
One of the hardest parts about being a writer is creating just the right world. The environment in which we build for our creations to inhabit and our readers to come for a visit is just as much a character as the hero and heroine. Writers strive to make the setting just perfect. When I was writing my 1Night Stand books, Betting on a God, capturing the feel, smell, and sounds of the Mount Olympus Casino was a must. To help with this task a few fellow writers and I have started a little club of sorts. The Metaverse Authors.
What is a Metaverse you ask? I’m so glad you did. Well the metaverse exists in such places as SecondLife, OpenSim, and Hypergrid to name a few. They are alternate worlds of sorts where you can create an avatar in whatever image you want and plunk them down into any environment you wish. The Metaverse Authros have two such places, one is in OpenSim and the other is in SecondLife. Both are called Greyville Writer’s Community.
Greyville’s Writer’s Community in SecondLife, which is where I spend most of my time when I’m being an avatar, has several scenarios set up to help stimulate a writer’s imagination. We have two cottages, one Irish and one Hobbit, a dungeon, a Viking Longhouse and a Steampunk Pirate Ship to name just a few. We have placed ‘desks’ in most of these places allowing the avatar to sit in various poses while the writer does what he or she does best…create new worlds for readers to enjoy.
Feel free to stop by and say hi to all of us if you’re in OpenSim and SecondLife, I’ll buy you a drink and help you place a bet at the Mount Olympus. You might even catch a glimpse of Dion and the other gods running around.

You can find me under the name of Courtney Sheets in OpenSim and Seege Rhapsody in SecondLife.

Betting on a God

Welcome to Mount Olympus, Sin City’s most opulent casino resort. Here you will be served the finest food, the most decadent wines, and every desire you crave. All provided for you by Dion Eliades, owner. And just like most things in Las Vegas, there is more to Mount Olympus and Dion than meets the eye.
   After a thousand years, Dion, the Greek god of wine and merriment, is tired of playing human and wants to go home to Greece. That is, until he lays eyes on Sadie Flynn. Thanks to Madame Evangeline and 1Night Stand, this god is in for an adventure the likes of which he has never experienced. But only if Sadie agrees to bet on a god.

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