Thursday, August 28, 2014

Predicting the Future

by Jessica E. Subject
One of the joys of writing speculative fiction—which includes science fiction romance—is that as the author, I get to predict the future. And I’m not just talking about future technologies such as spaceflight and gadgetry that is based in science. We can also predict the future on a social level. This includes governments, religion, and even romance. Will class structures in society become more distinct? Will there be a greater divide? And when we do meet beings from outer space, will discrimination play a factor in our interactions as they unfortunately still do with those on Earth?
I look at these social aspects in many of my stories, including my 1Night Stand story, Another Night, Another Planet. And, of course, I like to add in some possible futuristic technology, too.

Here’s an excerpt from Another Night, Another Planet:
Buzzing through the heavy traffic on her hover bike, [Ava] reached the spaceport in record time. Perfect. She found a parking locker in the cold, dank underground lot to squeeze her bike into, then dashed toward security. If she could pick up a faint signal, maybe she would have a chance to check her email one last time before take-off. Unlike the guests on board, she couldn’t afford to connect her tablet from space to the wireless system on the mother traveler, not since she’d paid for her one-night stand. Though once a week, all crew were allowed a video call back to Earth. And she called her mom and dad.
She’d been raised by middle-class parents with little chance of furthering her education past what the government paid for. When her father had received a pink slip from his employer of twenty star cycles, any hope she’d held onto of going to college flew out the window. And without that diploma, she could only find meaningless jobs that paid less than the effort she put into them.
Bags checked, Ava dashed down the plain, white corridors of the employee level, pausing for the vacuum seals to release on doors along the way, until she reached her room for the duration of her stay. After thumbing the security pad to open the door, she crashed on the bed to the left, the right one belonging to Michelle, her best friend, who had convinced her to apply to housekeeping aboard Star Spirit. They’d been interviewed together, and started space training the very next day.
Four star cycles later, she was all set to venture out on her seventh tour. Though she didn’t have much of a life traveling through space, the pay was better than she would find anywhere on Earth. Her basic needs of food and shelter were met, and when she returned home, she always split her earnings between her parents and her savings account. She couldn’t let the people who had raised her suffer because she’d found an opportunity they hadn’t.

Tell me: What societal changes would you like to see in the future?
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About Another Night, Another Planet:

Limited by status…
Ava is a housekeeper aboard Star Spirit, a luxury cruise ship that travels between the Milky Way and the Belvarian System. Coming from a middle-class family on Earth, she is considered by passengers as nothing more than an object to be tossed away when they’re done with her.
Shunned because of his lineage…
Being banned from several planets across the universe has made it hard for Nate to run his interstellar shipping business. But the DNA of an exterminated race runs through his blood, giving him a diluted form of their powers, and leaving him labeled as a terrorist.
Both searching for the one…
Through her 1Night Stand dating service, Madame Evangeline matches these two together for a celestial escape on the pleasure planet, Elatia.
Will Ava and Nate find what they’re looking for, or will their date go up in flames?

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Narrated by Audrey Lusk
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About Jessica E. Subject:
Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotica. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous. 
When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.
Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

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  1. Id ike to see people stop thinking that they have the right to tell others how the should live their lives and the things they think aren't good for them.

    1. Yes, very true, Lori. Some people do it because they want what's best for a person. Others, because they're ignorant.

  2. Technology slowly dies away and after the riots because we're all depended on it, the world will become something else entirely. More steampunk, less cyberpunk:)

    1. You're right, we are becoming too dependent upon technology. We have a lot of zombies (people who walk around staring at their phone without paying attention to where they are going) around here. They'll be so lost if everything crashes.

  3. Congratulations to Ella Grey, who wins Another Night, Another Planet in ebook or audiobook format!