Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Love Boobies

Did that title catch you? There’s a reason for it, and more than to be gimmicky. The 1Night Stand paranormal romance A Duel with Death deals with real-life situations, including a woman’s battle with breast cancer.
Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we’re seeing all sorts of pink-ness spreading around, I wanted to do a fun, related giveaway. Yes, I just happen to have these cute I Love Boobies bracelets lying around.
This disease touches so many lives. Women, young and old. We’re talking mothers, and daughters and wives. And men. The earlier it’s caught, the better the chances for survival.
As a woman past 40, I’ve been squished, and I feel myself up on a regular basis. I’m being a bit lighthearted here, but it’s a serious topic.
Be aware for yourself, and those you love.

A Duel with Death
After a tumultuous, fatherless childhood, Johnny Castillo tends to date women his mama doesn’t approve of, and for good reason. Tired of relationships that end badly, he turns to Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand dating service for help. He’s seen what her incredible matchmaking skills have done for his cousins and friends, and he’s open to her helping him find a woman he can have a future with. If that’s even possible.
Carmen Sanchez has put up a strong fight against the cancer attacking her body and she’s ready to start living life once more. With the results of her latest medical tests unopened and tucked in her purse, she enlists Madame Eve in her search for the right guy to share a weekend of lusty pursuits, before unsealing the envelope and discovering her fate.
But Johnny and Carmen’s date includes a battle where the stakes are high—life or death. Love may conquer all, but Death has something else in mind. Is their newfound love strong enough to win the battle?

Contest: Enter to win an I Love Boobies bracelet. What’s one thing you’ve seen to increase breast cancer awareness? I’ll pick a winner from random comments on Monday, October 20. Make sure to leave a valid email address.

Louisa Bacio


  1. I love that even elementary, middle and high school football teams are making October and Breast Cancer Awareness a big issue. I know here in E, TN where I live the schools are on board, with the teams where pink socks, or pink ribbons and having PINK OUT games, the cheerleaders in pink, etc. Each year our little league teams have new shirts.
    Last year, during my routine mammogram, they detected a 6 mm lump deep in the tissue in my right breast. In 13 months I had 4 mammograms and 2 ultrasounds. It hasn't changed and the prognosis is "probably benign" and they say I can wait a year now. I take it serious and will remain pro-active.
    I love the bracelets. My youngest granddaughter is almost 1 now and she had a onesie that read "Boobie Monster" because she was a breast fed baby.

    1. Ha! Love the "Boobie Monster" bracelet. How fun. Yes, I pointed out to my youngest daughter who is 7, the NFL football players wearing pink.

  2. Last Autumn, I purchased some pink socks (which are my second favorite color after purple) and they had the pink ribbon on them next to the Thorlo name. Even though no one probably ever saw them because they were hidden by my pants legs, I enjoyed wearing them knowing that I had helped by buying them as some of the company's profit was contributed towards Breast Cancer Research.
    Then, this past June, at my routine mammogram, a 9 mm lump surrounded by 5.4 cm calcifications was found and I went through a diagnostic mammo and stereotactic biopsy before the pathologist called with the cancer diagnosis. After spending a few days feeling sorry for myself and being scared, I decided to put a positive spin on things and went ahead with surgery, radiation and am now on the 'five-year' pill - all in the last three months - whew!. There is no cancer history in my family and the only risk factors I have are not having any children and being overweight - something many other women can say.
    So, I encourage any other woman who might read this to please get a mammogram, especially as you get older, because you never know when you might become one of those folks with breast cancer. I'm doing really well and I'm sure it is because of early detection - no one (myself, my primary doctor, my surgeon) could actually feel it because it was so deep and, in reality, so small, but the mammo showed it and we caught it early.
    FYI, I bought your book a while ago and had put off reading it (maybe too soon after my own cancer stuff) but I'm going to put it onto my e-reader and will probably be posting again soon with a comment about the book!
    BTW, if I am not the 'winner', will you please write back with info about where I could get some of these - I'd love to give some to my family and friends who went through these past few months with me...thanks!
    Gayle, mainebookworm @ gmail . com (but now living in Florida)

    1. Gayle -- Thank you for sharing your story, and I'm so very glad to hear the outcome has been positive. I really can't imagine how frightening it can be. (I've had to do a uterine biopsy, which came back normal).

      I have seven bracelets. Two can be yours. I had bought them at the Tilly's store. I don't see them on their website now. (

  3. The most visible thing at our work are the pink hair extensions that people had done for a contribution to the breast cancer support fund here. When over half of the people you see at one business location have pink in their hair, and the administrator had his hair dyed pink for a week, it makes an impact on everyone that comes in the door! Of course, the fact that the Packers have pink shoes this month also brings it home to the Cheesehead Nation.

    Mary emmasmom69 AT gmail DOT com

  4. Everyone wearing pink from the cowboys to the Chippendales changing their cuffs and ties to pink this month. All in support of finding a cure for this terrible disease.

  5. I was at the store the other day and all the staff were wearing pink aprons to bring awareness to breast cancer.

    1. You're the official winner Victoria. I'll send you an email shortly!

      Love the pink aprons.

  6. I have been riding the bus and subways a lot this month and almost every stop on the subway has a poster mentioning breast cancer awareness month. Even a couple of lines have ads in the top area. The buses have posters in the shelters.

    1. Jean -- That's great to hear. Amazing how widespread the information is.