Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Gift and New Beginnings

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A few years ago I took an on-line class called “BDSM for Writers.” While I’d read a number of erotic romances with BDSM themes, I didn’t truly appreciate the strength it takes to be a submissive until I took this class. Subs aren’t door mats, and they can be leaders in their day-to-day lives, yet need to submit in the bedroom.
I began to think about the most masculine types of men in American culture, and the idea of having a huge cowboy be a sub struck me as something different and interesting to write about. So I made myself a note, which simply said, “Cowboy Submissive.”
When I decided to write a story for the 1Night Stand line, my thoughts immediately returned to the cowboy submissive idea. I began to flesh out the character, and Wyatt was “born.” I decided to make his Dom somewhat his opposite, a bit shorter, leaner, older,darker, more sophisticated and world-wary than the blond six-foot-six Montana cowboy.
Wyatt was extremely dedicated to his family, so when his parents died in an accident, he left Rafael to raise his younger brothers. Rafael was devastated to lose his sub and lover, yet pride got in the way of chasing after his man.
The two were apart for ten years until Wyatt’s brothers treated him to a 1Night Stand package as a birthday gift.  Madame Eve worked her magic and reunited the two. While there is BDSM in this story, it is light. The Gift has been called sweet and sexy by readers. I can imagine some who haven’t read the story might wonder how this combination is possible when BDSM is involved. It comes from showing this reunion as a thing of love. Rafael woos his sub as the two cherish their time together.
If you haven’t had a chance to read The Gift, I hope you check it out. When I wrote it, I didn’t want to stop with Wyatt and Rafael’s story. I’d introduced Blackbird, the Malone family guest and working ranch and mentioned Wyatt’s four younger brothers. When I created Wyatt and Rafael’s character sketches, I also followed through and created one for each brother. The plan was to write a story for each of them. I was thrilled when readers asked for more Malone brother stories, as well.
I’m happy to announce Sam’s Temptation was contracted by Decadent Publishing, and I will begin the editing process soon. It’s a sequel to The Gift, but can be read as a standalone. This story centers on the second oldest Malone brother, Sam, and Rafael’s younger cousin, Gabriela (Gabi). It begins a few months after the conclusion of The Gift, and Wyatt and Rafael are prominent secondary characters in this story, which is set in Montana. This foodie romance highlights Montana,Argentine, and quinceañera cuisine.
Here’s a peek via the unedited blurb:
Chef Gabi Inez leaves a trendy Manhattan restaurant to take a working vacation in Montana. Her schedule allows her to enjoy planned activities and hangout with her cousin and his new family. She’s not looking for love, but spending time with a hunky cowboy sounds perfect.
Sam Malone is the brains behind Blackbird, a guest and working ranch. Since his parents’ death, his sole purpose has been family and the ranch’s survival. Burned by love in the past, he avoids the distraction that comes with beautiful women. But what’s a cowboy to do when a sweet and sassy chef gets under his skin, only to be told by her overprotective cousin she’s off limits?
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At 22, rancher Wyatt Malone sacrificed almost everything, including the Dom he served and loved, to raise his younger brothers. Now, with the ranch running well, his grown up siblings surprise him with a trip to a Caribbean paradise and a date from Madame Evangeline's 1Night Stand. Taking his courage in hand, he fills out an application that bares his soul for a single night of surrender to a nearly forgotten passion.

Rafael is a Dom without a sub. His desires exceed the available men in the dungeon he frequents and memories of rejected love keep him aloof. Can the submission of a Montana cowboy free him or will the date be nothing more than another meaningless scene?

Rafael blotted his mouth with his napkin and placed it on the table. Wyatt set his fork down and waited. The old familiar energy pulsed between them. Heat zipped through his groin, and he shifted in his seat as his erection pressed against his jeans.
“Wyatt, you asked Madame Eve for a Dominant for one night.” Rafael slid a keycard on the table between them. “If you accept my invitation to play, you will take this card and be in my suite, ready, in fifteen minutes.”
Without hesitation, he reached over and grasped it. When his wrist was grabbed, tugging him forward, Wyatt braced his free hand on the table and accepted Rafael’s lips. At first they brushed, a tease, and then the kiss became a sensual play of tongues. His heart pounded at the taste of curry and tequila. He twirled his tongue around the other man’s and groaned. Rafael’s lips trailed across his jaw and down his neck, stubble scraping across sensitive skin, creating a rasp of pleasure that flowed all the way down his spine.
The Dom followed it with a nip on the bottom lip and then pulled back, twisting Wyatt’s wrist slightly to glance at his watch. Rafael released him and leaned back with a wicked grin. Wyatt’s heart raced.
“You now have thirteen minutes.” 


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