Monday, October 6, 2014

What I love about Decedent’s 1NS (One Night Stand) Stories

Where do I start? For one, we all know about the dreaded one-night stand in real life. You have the hots for a guy (or girl), you act like a hormone driven teenager and you can’t control yourself.
So you rent a room or go back to his or her place and do the Wild Thang.
The next morning: Regrets!
He doesn’t call you back. You wondered if you fucked up. (Yeah, you did), You’re hoping you’re not preggers, cause you didn’t even get the guys last name.
For the guys, you were already dating someone. You hope your significant other doesn’t find out (She will). You wonder if you should call or just leave it alone. That night haunts you for a long time, even though you try to play it off and think it doesn’t. Cause you’re dreading that phone call (if you accidentally gave her your number) or bumping into her in the super market.
Those are the harsh realities. Does it always happen that way? No. But we can safely say more often than not.
But not with the Decadent 1NS series!
These are the stories we fantasize about. These are the stories that make your heart skip a beat for all the right reason.
The premise of the series? Well it’s simple (but it oh so works!)
Two people are fed up with the dating world or they just want a good time. They get in touch with a rather unconventional dating service with the mysterious and magical Madame Eve at the helm. They tell her their requirements and she hooks them up.
Here comes the not so simple part.
Sometimes she gives them exactly what they want, which in most cases surprises the applicants. Why? Cause like with everything in life, we think we want one thing, but we actually need something else.
These One-Night stands have everything we wish a real one had:
The hero really falls for the heroine after a night of pure passion.
If they part ways after a night of fun, he goes out of his way to look for her.
There is no one else for these to start crossed lovers.
When they do part, somehow, magically they find each other again only to live Happily Ever After.
How can you not like this series?
These are short stories too, that pack a punch. They’re hot and sexy and they never disappoint. They also come in any genre you can think of. Paranormal, contemporary, cougar,  GLBT, Sci/Fi. You name it they have it!
So head on over to Decadent and indulge in one of the most controversial hooks-ups in the dating world.

My 1NS Stories

It’s a Jungle Out There

Olivia Carter is no longer fooling herself. She knows there is no such thing as the perfect man. Tired of the crazy dating scene, she decides to take the advice of her best friend and sign up with 1NightStand. Her requirements are simple: Drop dead gorgeous, strong silent type, great in bed. Simple, to the point, and no expectations of anything grander. Madame Eve has no problem fulfilling her list.
 Maxwell Evans is a hot and upcoming actor. But already he’s disillusioned about finding the ideal woman. Sick of dating nothing but shallow beauties who are more interested in riding his coattails than anything else, he checks out 1NightStand. He rather have a night of passion with a woman that knows nothing about his fame, than a long-term relationship with someone that has hopes of fame and fortune.
 Max and Olivia will find out that they both wanted more than they’re willing to admit.

Love, Transylvania Style
Thaddeus Dumas is a Vampire looking for love. Well, he was at first until he realizes that finding true love means changing a potentially unwilling female. So he settles for a night of one-night stands, starting with Madame Eve’s services. He can’t possibly fall in love with a one nighter, and he can just move on to the next female. He didn’t count on the feisty Donna Kent.

 Donna Kent is bored crazy with the men she’s been dating. The same old same old. Dinner, dancing, hanging out and dull sex. She wants something extraordinary. She’s more than surprised when Madame Eve finds that someone. But is this the extraordinary she’s willing to sacrifice herself for?

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  1. Great post! I'm a big fan of Decadent's 1 Night Stand series. And loved It's a Jungle Out There and Love Transylvania Style and all the others I've read.