Friday, October 3, 2014

Wild Pitch Author-to-Author Interview with Karyn Gerrard and Gayl Taylor

Gayl’s questions to Karyn:

Since we both share a love for baseball, and our hero in WILD PITCH is a baseball player, tell me who your “All Star” line up of baseball heartthrobs are and why?
I’d start with a young Lou Gehrig.  This man was built; ever see that old black & white footage of him with his shirt off? Plus he was handsome, and a decent guy. So very sad he was cut down in his prime with ALS. I can’t watch the Lou Gehrig speech either by Lou himself, or Gary Cooper doing it in Pride of the Yankees, without tearing up. I even forgive Lou for being a Yankee!
Being a Red Sox fan, I will also have to add in a young Ted Williams. He was a big, good looking guy with a flawless swing. Also a war hero (flyer in WWII and Korean War) Ted was not a perfect man, but his passion for the game and his killer smile melted a lot of hearts. Young Ted was movie-star handsome!
I would certainly add a few of today’s players, from 2013’s Buzzfeed list of Baseball hunks, you can add a few of these guys!

If you were going to cast yourself in the role of one of your heroines, which would it be?
Deanna from My Vampire Cover Model (Decadent Publishing) In fact, she is me in a lot of ways. Just an ordinary girl working in a department store. That was me some years back; I even gave Deanna my job as price co-ordinator. Many a day during my dull tasks at work I daydreamed of a handsome guy walking in and rescuing me from the doldrums. How wonderful I was able to bring this fantasy to life on the written page~

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
Hmmm. I guess that I am not the most polished of writers (thank you to my editors!), but I am striving to improve. The best compliment? That my characters seem real. That I am a good story-teller. That means a lot.

Which of your characters would you like to spend the day with? 
I’d love to spend the day with all of them! I think I will pick Cailin Thorburn from My Highlander Cover Model (Decadent Publishing). He is from the past (early 1800’s) and has a killer, sexy accent (Yes, I did another time-travel!) Cailin is also smart, funny, and entertaining. Spending the day with him would be cool. I would insist he wear the kilt. Shirtless. And hold a big sword. Yeah.

If you could have a romantic fling with one of your heroes (with no consequences, of course), which would it be and why?
I love tortured heroes, so I will have to say Simon, the hero in The Governess and the Beast. Though scarred, he makes me melt. Historical hero who feels things deeply, but afraid to show it? I’m in. And my inner cougar would have to say Barrett from Wild Pitch is a close second. Passionate, sexy, and he just goes all in, physically and emotionally. *sigh* Notice I couldn’t pick just one. :-)

Karyn’s questions to Gayl:

What cartoon character best represents your personal philosophy?
As strange as this will sound, Wile E. Coyote, not because he's a bad guy per se but because no matter how many times he falls off a cliff or ends up with a piano crashing down on him, he perseveres. I know what it's like to chase a dream and have it just out of reach. Although my dreams and goals aren't necessarily as nefarious as Wiley's, it's still hard to be so close and then have that anvil fall hard on top of you. Despite that, you keep going. Hmm, maybe I should have said Energizer Bunny...

Not everyone can co-write with another author. How was the experience and would you do it again with someone?
This was a wonderful experience and I would jump at the chance to collaborate again with Karyn. I think we were both surprised at how quickly we completed the first draft and how seamless it was. If I'm not mistaken, we finished it in three weeks. I wish I could do that with all my works in progress!
In Wild Pitch, we each took the POV of one of the women and both contributed to Barrett's storyline. Where the lines crossed is very difficult to tell. We maintained a consistent voice throughout the process, which is difficult in my opinion. It takes trust and the ability to set aside egos in order to do this so it isn't for everyone.

Tell us how you and Karyn ‘met’ cyber-wise~
Karyn and I 'met' several years ago when we were involved in the Sims community. We both used the Sims for storyboarding and posting online. It was a great way to learn and grow with regard to writing, and the feedback you get can be valuable. A friendship developed and grew from there. Karyn was one of the few people who encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a published writer. We have become critique partners and I have learned so much from her publishing journey as well. I can safely say that while we have never met in person, she is someone I am proud to consider a good friend. And I adore her sense of humor, as well as the man candy she finds to help spark one's creativity!

What are you working on now?
I currently have a few stories on the writing block. I can’t seem to focus on one so I have a few irons in the fire right now. The first one is called Falling For You, a story I hope will be the first of many in a baseball series. This story took root after I took a fall at work, and it morphed into a really fun story I hope to finish very soon. The Sweet Spot is another in the baseball series that was about two thirds complete when I realized it was a mess. This one is getting a makeover. The next is what I hope will be one of a potential series about the rock industry titled, Web of Desire. Then I have another old WIP about a Navy SEAL that needs a total rewrite (and a title) one of these days.

What romance genre interests you the most (reading or writing or both) and why~
This is a tough one to answer because I love reading all genres. As long as it transports me out of reality and entertains, I'm there. One genre that stands out for me is paranormal romance. To me that is fantasy at its finest. Vampires, angels, shape shifters - you can really let your imagination run wild with characters like these. Heroes who are *ahem* larger than life, who love deeply - I can't get enough. And I adore anything historical.
As for what I like to write, it is definitely contemporary romance. I'm a 'write what you know' sort of girl and basically lazy. The idea of researching to write Regency or historical boggles my mind. Or coming up with a mythos for a fantasy world or other-worldly character - yeah, like I said, lazy.

You are at the bar, The Cougar Cave. What men would you like to see saunter through the doors and come sit at your table?
I'm glad you said 'men' because it would be so hard to pick just one. Without question, I would choose Michael David Barre, model and muse for Barrett in Wild Pitch. This man has fueled more than one naughty fantasy. Those abs, those pecs, those biceps, those hip bones...

I'd also add Mike Matheny, former major league baseball catcher and current Cardinals manager to the list. I've had a crush on him for ages and he is the inspiration for Tate in The Sweet Spot. I'd pick Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, not because he is hot, but because that voice of his could melt the socks (and a few other articles of clothing) off me. Then I’d add Adam Levine because he is sexy, charming, funny, and uber-talented. I could go on and on–-I love men.

I do get to take them home, right? *wink* 

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