Thursday, October 2, 2014

Getting Schooled

By: Leigh Ellwood

I am so pleased Decadent has contracted what will become my second 1Night Stand story. A Class Act, like the first (A Different Class) is M/M and connected to the class/school alumni theme. This time, instead of two former classmates hooking up, I focus on a different pairing that may play in some fantasies – the teacher crush.
Before any hackles raise, I’ll point out in the story that the people involved are a teacher and his former, now mature student. It’s not like that Police song. Well, maybe it is in a way, but I hope you enjoy reading it. Personally, I’ve not had a teacher crush (the result of having attended a Catholic school populated by ancient nuns), but maybe you have. A Class Act depicts a fantasy come true, which is one facet of the 1Night Stand concept – satisfaction for all people involved.
At this writing, I have started a third story to tie-in with the theme, but I won’t divulge details just yet. One advantage to writing part of a series is that you already have ideas come up from previous installments, and you get to revisit characters and see how they are doing. That will be the case in the future, as long as Decadent likes what I send them. All the stories, like the first, will be M/M since it is a favorite pairing to write.
For now, though, A Different Class is a great 1NS to try because it touches on themes relevant to today. If you have ever fretted over a reunion or wondered what became of people in your past, you may relate to this story. If you enjoy angsty heroes who overcome issues you will definitely enjoy it. If you do read it, please tweet at me @LeighEllwood and let me know.

Stay classy!

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